X11 apps not working on KDE Plasma Wayland

Hello, Earlier today I installed EndeavourOS on my Raspberry Pi 5. But whenever I open an X11 application on a KDE Plasma Wayland session, it just shows colored bars and is completely glitched. Attached is a screenshot of the problem:

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Sorry i no use KDE maybe KDE bug? I sure some KDE usr help you in time

Gnome on wayland i no have this problem

if i get time i try KDE… see if i get same . Thank you for post, it thing i sure be looked at


Here is the status of Wayland on the EnOS supported platforms.

Wayland compatibility

Device             Plasma        Gnome        Cinnamon
Rpi 4b & 5b        Borked        Works        Works
Radxa Rock 5B      Borked        Works        Works
Odroid N2 / N2+    Works         Works        Works
PineBook Pro       Works         Works        Works

Although I have not checked Sway since it lost Community support, I assume it
still works. At least I haven’t heard anything negative about Sway.

If the user installs KDE Plasma on the RPi 4, RPi 5, or Radxa ROCK 5B, Wayland is disabled by default as it tends to be the default Choice on Plasma / Wayland.

If one wants to experiment with Wayland on these devices, the following will enable it

sudo pacman -Syu plasma-wayland-session

Then reboot.

I have no idea why Wayland doesn’t like Plasma on some devices and not others.
If anyone has any theories or suggestions on this please let me know.



Hmm, odd that it works on GNOME and Cinnamon, but not KDE. I’ll keep trying to figure it out. Hopefully the issue gets found before the KDE6 release.

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KDE 6 may very likely be the fix. At least we can hope.