PS viewer should come preinstalled: suggestion

First of all, compliments to the EOS team for a very well thought out, well executed distro. I am an exclusive Linux user since 2009, and have used over 25 distros (some no longer in service) and I can say EOS is right up there.

I have a small suggestion: I know that PS is not a format that is used that much nowadays, but there is still a lot of stuff in PS format out there. I had to install software to read that. I think it might be good to have it pre-installed. It takes up v. little extra space, and having to (a) figure out that it is not installed in the pdf viewer package and (b) installing it I thought was a bit of a chore.

Anyways, thank you.

That would seem to indicate that it’s a niche format which doesn’t need to be supported by default?


Most Linux PDF viewers will open Postscript too (Atril, Evince, and Okular do) - what did you try to open it with?

Well, so let me clarify: if one is to create a document TODAY, you would likely create PDF. However, till recently, PS was the default. Due to this, there are a large number of legacy PS documents. For example, lot of lecture notes from, say, 2010, are in PS.

The only pre-installed pdf viewer on EOS was epdfviewer. It does not view PS.

I had to install another viewer, and its PS modules (zathura and its PS module) to view PS. 3 packages in all (the 2 mentioned, and libspectre which is what zathura uses to view PS).

Still a pretty niche requirement. Next you’ll be asking for LaTeX support. :wink:

OK, so I assume this is the Xfce “offline installer” default. In which case, the feature request would be to switch this out to a more fully-featured PDF viewer (e.g. Atril shouldn’t bring in too many other deps).


What’s the package name for this? It’s not in the Arch repos or the AUR… :thinking:

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Probably this:

Repository      : community
Name            : epdfview
Version         : 0.1.8-11
Description     : Lightweight PDF document viewer
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : GPL
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : poppler-glib  desktop-file-utils  hicolor-icon-theme  gtk2
Optional Deps   : None
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Download Size   : 115.96 KiB
Installed Size  : 391.80 KiB
Packager        : Felix Yan <>
Build Date      : Tue 07 Jul 2020 01:00:05 PM CDT
Validated By    : MD5 Sum  SHA-256 Sum  Signature

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Yes, sorry it is epdfview, not epdfviewer

Yes, offline install.

I would disagree on the analogy on Latex. PS was the default document format till PDF. Latex is a document compilation system. Indeed, to use your analogy, till recently Latex itself used to be used mostly to output DVI format which would be changed to PS using dvi2ps. I would think support for the till-recent default document format would be important. For anyone who works w/ academic docs, you encounter PS a lot. You cannot do w/o it.

Maybe add it to the welcome app? If you like, I can do the writeup. LMK.

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Epdfview is low in bytes for some is good enough to start. But mupdf zathura xreader would be better. When i use pdf i like to select a tekst en copy and paste somewhere… Epdfview cannotndo that, but is small and a good startpoint (•‿•)

But endeavouros is stil a lego blocks otherwise iso goes over 2 gb :upside_down_face:.

Think xreadernis nice because depency wise goes correct and user friendlier then mupdf, but also pretty subjectiv3 too


Understood. No worries. Another option would be to have ps2pdf so users can go that route. Or put it in the “tips” in welcome. Those are some suggestions I had. And totally agree w/ keeping ISO below 2GB (my USB is only 2G so anything above I am unable to try anyway :-)).


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Frogatto and Friends should also come preinstalled, in my opinion. :frog:

Oh, and LATEX support out of the box would be nice, I use LATEX almost every day… :smiley:

You see, everyone has something they’d like to include on the ISO. So if everyone’s wishes were granted, the ISO would become completely bloated and EndeavourOS would stop being a minimalist, terminal-centric distro we all love.


I use latex free! :rofl: :gloves:


Wine version which is only one working? :rofl:


No, someone (specifically, someone who is not me) should build the 1.3.1 version with the old build dependencies and make it work. :frog:


Agree to your point. That’s why perhaps it should be in the “post install tips” on welcome. Or maybe not, you guys know your distro best. I can only speak from my perspective. I don’t know how many of your users are document management people. If many, I can offer my help to create the tips onwelcome. If not many, no worries.