Proton Acquires Standard Notes!



The fact that this guy started off by mentioning the illegal reasons why someone would want to encrypt notes, got a link to read why that mentality is flawed, and still has some silly things to say after… No hope. :clown_face: :earth_asia:

Here’s another link in case you still can’t comprehend. A link with many links and explanations. Read it until your eyes bleed.

Web Search:

Bonus link in case you prefer videos:

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Most people don’t need to become digital ghosts and go to extreme lengths to remain private, I agree. However, I think most that use these services want the big dogs to not use their data for marketing or other things such companies would do to gain profits. I don’t believe one’s desire to not share information with Google or Microsoft or Apple or what have you is overkill.

At the same time, should one fully trust other companies with this information? I think it depends heavily on a case by case basis. I trusted Skiff that they wouldn’t go away after less than a year after signing up to their email service, yet here we are, with them being under Notion and their services, including email, more or less going down. Good thing I was pretty tired of their service anyway (My ISP doesn’t know what is and just sends an error about some self-signed certificate or something, it goes over my head, and I had to add another DNS server to be able to access it) and I had moved back to ProtonMail.

I’m not for either of sides here. If I am with someone is, it is with the guy that after he learnt what the services available to him offer, he chooses the best one for his needs and preferences.

Convenience is quite often the enemy of privacy (and sometimes security too).

  • It is convenient to use M$, g00lag, etc. but your privacy suffers.
  • It is inconvenient to use Linux, Proton, etc. but your privacy improves.

Too many people see something as simple as switching their web browser as a major inconvenience. They just use what comes with their device and add some other specific tools, like their preferred design software, IDE, etc. They never actually know if their system is up-to-date because that requires learning how to check.

PS: Yes, Linux is an inconvenience because you first have to learn about it, learn how and where to download it (meaning distros), learn how to change settings in your BIOS, learn how to boot from a USB/CD, etc. etc.

In other words, people find it inconvenient to learn things that weren’t forced upon them in school or at work.

Since I have learned a lot now, using M$ has become inconvenient, which is one of the many reasons why I don’t use it. Learning things not forced upon me stopped being inconvenient a long time ago.

Back on topic:

Standard Notes is an open-source and actually private alternative to g00lag Keep and @pple Notes. Your notes are yours, and would have to be decrypted by a top-class hacker.

That being said, as others have suggested, you also have the option of using an offline open-source solution, like a simple text-editor, to-do app, etc. and can even encrypt them on your device if you feel it necessary.

It’s good to see two open-source solutions collaborating on a unified goal.

I’m not gonna lie: while I get that Linux can be inconvenient to use, not knowing such basic things as knowing how to check for updates on your system is inexcusable in this day and age. Such things absolutely should be taught early on because they’re fundamental.

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Fully agreed.

I’m guessing the reason many of them don’t know how to check is because they normally get a notification that says, “Restart to apply updates”. It’s convenient. They think they never need to go looking for updates.

I’ve seen this with a fair number of Android users who probably think they just need to restart to apply updates because I often see that they have many updates available for download in their notifications.

Smart devices, but not smart users.



I can’t lie when I say that I don’t know about that. All I know is that some people are really left behind on this entire thing and it isn’t great for anybody.

I can t wait till the power goes out.

I m not ashamed to admit that I can t comprehend much in this life, though one thing I do know is that stress kills, and to not sweat the small stuff, which brings me to you :rofl:

Lol. So writing code or doing calculations on a computer is a bad idea too? Because the power might go out? It’s truly fascinating how your mind works.

It’s encryption, not rocket science. What’s there to stress about? You don’t have to reimplement the Galois Counter. Just choose a good passphrase and be done with it.

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I can’t see what this person (sempterobit) said, but if you have to ask this question, I can kinda figure it out.

In my country, we have a phrase we use: “Wrong and strong”.
→ It describes someone who is incorrect in their actions or statements, but is very confident in the way they do things or speak.

It’s usually hilarious to witness. :laughing:

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I feel like sempterobit is just not all that interested in trying a different note taking app and he just wants something that works, which I feel like is a respectable, if flawed, stance. I don’t know, that’s my read on his replies anyway.

This isn’t the only thread where they’ve had such ignorant/arrogant statements. Why do you think I can’t see their replies? :thinking:

I’ll be honest, I can click a button and see what they’ve posted if I want to, which is why I added the links further up in the thread after their first ignorant comment. But I decided that I’m not going to click that button to unhide such responses anymore, because “Why would you go into the forum settings to mute and ignore someone then still read what they say?” ← A question I asked myself yesterday.

I understand that it’s a forum, and free speech and what not, but if I mute and ignore someone in my settings, I think it should apply to threads I create as well. :person_shrugging:

“wrong and strong”. Now that s not an arrogant assertion. It s interesting how my opinion on encrypted notes has inspired these personal attacks. Maybe big brother will save the day again. Save face or leave in disgrace?

Quite literally both of you do nothing but more or less do ad hominem attacks now. Stop. Admit that you simply don’t care about a different note taking app and move on. No one will come and eat you alive.

I respectfully disagree with this assessment. The premise behind @sempterobit’s arguments is that there’s no real use case for the practice of encrypting personal notes. I don’t think it has anything to do with wanting a “just-works” solution because the task of encryption is so easy (courtesy of software) to do these days that even an average joe can manage it.

That being said, his stance is something that nobody who values privacy can agree with.

When I first read this comment, I truly don’t understand how you came to this conclusion at all. That isn’t even @BluishHumility’s point when he wrote his first comment in this thread. Bluish’s comment needs to be interpreted within the context of the discussion, which obviously revolves around digital notes. The fact that you took it out of context (whether unintentionally or deliberately I do not know) seems like a strawman to me.

This isn’t the only time you did this. When I compared the merits of digital and manual note taking, this is your response:

I get that you were trying to be funny or witty, but it is nevertheless difficult to have an intellectual discussion in the face of responses like this.

@sempterobit Out of curiosity, is something wrong with your ' key? Coz there’s a lot of missing ' in your repies.

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I was wondering the same thing…I thought I might have some hitherto-undiscovered font problem on my system :grin:.

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Again, don’t know what this guy said, but… Say what now?

I’d say I’m being genuine to myself by not engaging in a pointless discussion with someone who simply wants to argue. Meaning the guy, not you.

If he/she were at least playing devil’s advocate, it wouldn’t be so bad — or even trolling. But to be on a forum for a free and open-source Linux distro, and come with the argument that they started with?

Staring Amy Poehler GIF by Saturday Night Live

PS: I took way too long searching for a gif because I didn’t want it to be misinterpreted, but then I found this one and… if it’s somehow seen as offensive, that’s not my problem. :person_shrugging: It’s an image with no words or gestures. ← This is for whomever may find gifs or memes inappropriate, offensive, less intelligent, etc.


It seems we have drifted from the topic a bit, and the discussion has devolved into attacking each other somehow so I’ll just go ahead and close this one down.