Project structure, governance, and collaboration

This will probably seem like quite a “heavy” post but I’ve been assured it will go OK… :crossed_fingers:

I’ve recently had reason to look for a new project - I’ve been keeping an eye on EOS and a number of people I know moved over here during the last year.

I’d like to try and find out the following things:

  • How is the project structured?
    • Who does what?
    • How are resources are managed?
    • How are donations handled?
  • What’s the relationship like with Arch?
    • How is EOS viewed?
    • What collaboration happens?

Some of these will be answered elsewhere - I’ve had a quick look over the wiki at how the mirrors work, for example. Other ones might be seen as a bit “pointed” so feel free to ignore them.


To answer one of my own questions, donations are handled via OC. Cool.

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we keep an open structure for collaborations on development and ideas.

again open structure, but for security reasons and to keep it simple and minimal main devs decides.
We are hobbyists.


Within EOS or between EOS and Arch?

Is there anything in place to prevent one person locking everyone else out?

we do follow arch, as we do basically a configured arch install, with some tools in addition. Development for EOS is open for contribution from anyone.

We do not have this one leader.

Decisions are more democratic, our idea is to create a structure and development that do not depending on one persone or group of persons so that it is more community driven and can survive passing persons or personal changes.


This is why I choose to support this project after Antergos death. It provides a really clean Archlinux installation. And I’m a long time bug reporter and translator :slight_smile:


Why github though?
It’s little bit compromised by some major M corporation lately :robot:

Feels like a potential grave danger for anything free and stable :upside_down_face:

Until this day, there are no signs on that danger. We started out on Github and the main devs are used to it. So let’s say it’s a force of habit and when there are really security and trust breaches we will move.


Well, i hope you have all infrastracture and backups for work to continue

Coz surely it will come one day :wink:
Hopefully not in some silent quantum computer code injection checksum obfuscation robot-future manner :laughing:


Just keep following us, we are not done with creating innovations, improvements and new features.