Problems installation/configuration, virtualbox

Tick the Hard Disk option and select windows iso file as shown by jonathon and start the virtual machine and install the OS . You may need to select the iso file again when starting the VM .

We don’t take kindly to those who read manuals around here, that’s what them folks do on that Arch forum over there. :wink:


You forgot to select Empty on seconds step
Please read @jonathon screenshot little more careful :wink:

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Yes i forgot … or maybe i’m very confused with the whole process of understandig of this application, never mind, it is not for humans … this is to complicated for me … any way, thanks for trying to help.

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Maybe you need to watch a youtube video . Reading stuff for the first time can be troublesome


No, sometimes it is the logic of the application, i can’t get it, look at this now with qemu it was just five mts. Of course, now i have to install windows …

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I don’t know how I could show it more clearly in the screenshot. You have to click on the Empty optical drive entry, then select an ISO image.

If you don’t want to read text or look at images that people are creating specifically for you, how do you expect people to help you?

This is the very essence of “help vampirism” which will quickly kill off a helpful and friendly community. Please stop.

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I wish this platform had the ability to upload a video file. I could then just use simple screen recorder and show exactly how it’s done.

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Yes, although there are plenty of web pages and YouTube videos out there already which will show “how to install Windows 10 in VirtualBox”.

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That is what is on your mind, not mine, as I said before, I could not follow the instructions, they were not understandable {to me} I am not an expert or an advanced user, nor do I have interests of any kind with quemu or any other application. Perhaps it is the opposite, you are the one who has some interest in showing that the application is very understandable to anyone. Well no, it was not for me and believe me that I had tried other numbers of times in the past, I could never understand it, it is you who should stop insulting me.

:peace_symbol: :dove:

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Very well. I will not get involved in your problems again.


Don’t think that way @Keos

It’s just he is experienced . I can understand what you are saying cause I am newbie tooo :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

It’s always confusing to explain things to an inexperienced user without being with him or a proper video . It’s not a fault . I hope the video I recommended worked . If not you can search youtube yourself . Btw qemu is faster than virtualbox from my experience !

Also virtual-box has some issue right now so it is better that @keos uses another one until it is working properly on Arch.

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Have a look at the Youtube video and follow it, that should help you to see what is missing and how to mount the ISO.

It didn’t work for me either with qemu, not because of qemu itself but because my partitions are only about 30GB, (I have them like this to quickly clean the system) it seems that qemu uses a lot of memory and when I went to install windows ‘the whole house was full’ … df -h gave me 92% …

If nobody can think of something better, I think that at the end I will have to go through the embarrassment of installing windows on one of the partitions. :hot_face:

That’s not qemu’s fault . Windows’ minimum requirement is 32 GB Disk space I think . Expand the partition up to what size you will if you install on bare metal and create a dynamic disk with the command

qemu-img create -f qcow2 windows.img 40G

This will create a 40 GB disk (actual size will be only 192 kB or something , it will grow as files are added )

Extra info

I never said it was the fault of qemu, in fact I have a very good opinion of this application not only because of how intuitive it is and how it facilitates the work of its installation for not very qualified users, but even for those who watch over their privacy it is very reliable - it even has a very suitable mode of connection to the network. And although it may annoy someone, yes, it is much better than the virtualbox garbage with its Oracle, which has its history …

No, Hystrix, I don’t want to go in that direction, it’s a bit delicate, isn’t there another idea?

Thank you!

Take your pick :wink:

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I have looked at some of these options, they require some time and dedication and knowledge for a correct installation, it would take me more time to study all that material well … It is not the most practical way out for my case, after all I only need windows to run a chess program, I think that finally I am convinced that in my case the most appropriate thing is to put windows in a partition.

Thanks once again and greetings!.