Problems installation/configuration, virtualbox


I’m trying to install windows10 in virtualbox but at the time of configurate virtualbox i’m doing someting wrong and i don’t know what it is, i’m following this instruction but i can’t get it:

This is what i got now in the set up:

What is wrong, or what do I need to add?.


What exactly is the problem ?

Did you install windows already or getting errors while starting the virtual machine ? If so what are the errors

From your screenshot you only allowed booting from optical drive ( iso file ) and haven’t selected any iso files . So if your problem is VM not starting then add an iso file and enable booting from virtual harddisk in settings .

If other error please explain

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Well, this is all what i got when trying to install windows:

If you

then you’ll need to

to install Windows from - just like a normal PC.

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Does it mean that the download that I have from Windows must be put into a usb to then go to virtualbox …? I do not understand.

No, as long as you got the ISO on the computer you just ad it to the virtualbox. No need for USB-sticks on a VR.

O’k, What is wrong here?:

You have de-selected the Hard Disk as a boot device, so you will only ever boot from the Optical drive.

Dare I say that reading the VirtualBox documentation might give a lot of useful information?


i already selected the Hard Disk now and it starts with the same screen …

Have you installed Windows? If not, then booting from the virtual hard disk won’t work.

You have to “insert” the Windows DVD into the optical drive, then boot from the optical drive, then install Windows, then boot from the virtual hard drive.

The steps are the same as the wiki page you linked to, just use replace “EndeavourOS” and “Linux” with “Windows” as appropriate.


Basic algorithm:

  1. Mount .iso
  2. Install Windows
  3. After reboot remove iso from VirtualBox mount
  4. Start Windows

And probably disable Enable EFI option?


Mount .iso? – I don’t understand. I just downloaded the windows10 into my system, then installed virtualbox and from there it is that i’m trying to get the thing work following the instruction i found above in endeavouros:

This is all …

Might be worth reading the VirtualBox manual?

This part:

is talking about this:


Or another way to do the same thing:


Yes … but this is what i have (no icon):

Tick the Hard Disk option and select windows iso file as shown by jonathon and start the virtual machine and install the OS . You may need to select the iso file again when starting the VM .

We don’t take kindly to those who read manuals around here, that’s what them folks do on that Arch forum over there. :wink:


You forgot to select Empty on seconds step
Please read @jonathon screenshot little more careful :wink:

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Yes i forgot … or maybe i’m very confused with the whole process of understandig of this application, never mind, it is not for humans … this is to complicated for me … any way, thanks for trying to help.

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Maybe you need to watch a youtube video . Reading stuff for the first time can be troublesome


No, sometimes it is the logic of the application, i can’t get it, look at this now with qemu it was just five mts. Of course, now i have to install windows …

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