Problem with "makepkg"

I am trying to download skype , but can’t find the one i want in yay (there is non that i think works better than the one posted on (, my opinion only, because those posted in yay are of funny names (such purple skype web and skypeweb stuff).
Hence i followed the steps on techmint.
I think i got stuck at step 3:
$ sudo chown -R tecmint:users skypeforlinux-stable-bin
The folder called “skypeforlinux-stable-bin” has indeed being created under /home.
So i entered this cmd,
[enos-andrew@enos-andrew-pc ~]$ sudo chown :enos-andrew skypeforlinux-stable-bin
*** I have read the wiki about chown article, but not sure how to enter the group name: and :user name .
If i want to change the ownership of skypeforlinux-stable-bin folder, i should be at a level “outside” of that folder, right ?
so i manage to execute this command without error…

`$ sudo chown :enos-andrew skypeforlinux-stable-bin`

I just changed the folder to belong to user “enos-andrew”, i don’t have to change the ownership of the folder to a particular group, just a particular user is good enough to use it right ?

But then, i have got error with $makepkg

[enos-andrew@enos-andrew-pc skypeforlinux-stable-bin]$ makepkg -si
==> ERROR: You do not have write permission for the directory $BUILDDIR (/home/enos-andrew/skypeforlinux-stable-bin).

Just use yay.

yay -S skypeforlinux-stable-bin

You don’t really need it in this case but if you want to do it manually you need to use chown -R so you change ownership of the things inside the directory and not just the directory itself.

sudo chown -R enos-andrew:enos-andrew skypeforlinux-stable-bin

Since i have started to use the clone git method, can you pls guide me thru it ? i also need to learn this.

I added that information to the above.

So , the first enos-andrew: is my user name.
the 2nd :enos-andrew is my group name.
-R recursive (i missed out this during typing)
How do you tell what is my group name ? i was pondering where to find my group name.
can i just type either group name or user name instead of both user and group name ?

I have looked up the web:
This is the way to know the owner and group of a particular folder
$ stat ~/skypeforlinux-stable-bin/

Why is it that people are having to chown to do these things? I have never had to do this? What is the reason? I don’t understand? What am i doing differently?

I need to do this is because i am cloning the git using “sudo” which is super user acc.
when the git is cloned, it creates a folder under the super user acc. .
hence in order for my normal acc to works on it, i have to change the ownership of the created folder to my normal acc name.

I guess it’s because i use super user all the time? :grimacing:

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That’s what i was wondering… but nobody do that right ? being super user all the time… hence i also don’t know why.

I mean using the same password for root as my user account. :shushing_face:

I am also using the same root password as my user account when endo is fresh installing. How come i still need to change ownership ?

That’s what my question was why as i install lots of packages and never had to do this?

Yes! skype successfully installed. Thanks @dalto

:sweat: no idea, you are the expert here. lol

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I’m just trying to figure out what others are doing. lol :laughing:

Edit: I got no problem! I just Endeavour… :partying_face:


I just installed it with yay.

I know it works. But i need to learn to use other method as well. Else how to improve

It is what happens when you follow instructions from random websites.

It would be much better to not clone it with sudo rights. Normally you would just clone it into you home directory, cd into it and run makepkg -si. Cloning it as root just makes it more complicated.


That’s why i was asking because I’m sure i have done this before and not had to change it? Normally i just cloned it and moved to the dir and makepkg -si as far as i can remember.


Exactly, just use git clone ... without sudo and you won’t have any issues. This “guide” is wrong.

In fact, as a fairly general rule: don’t use sudo for doing stuff inside your home directory, there is no need for it and it will just mess up your permissions.