Problem with "makepkg"

I tend to go to the AUR and download snapshot, then extract it to where I want it. makepkg -si works fine that way, and I don’t have to learn much git! (:grin:)

I never tried it with sudo though - that isn’t needed until installation, and is requested when needed…

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Never use sudo with makepkg (or with yay, for that matter) , that’s just asking for trouble. You don’t want elevated privileges for various build dependencies, and whatever else there is in the PKGBUILD file.


I’ll be honest i don’t know much about chown and changing permissions and things. Not my forte and in all the time i have used Linux i have not needed to unless it requires me to. I guess i just don’t do the things that require it. When i use yay or makepkg i never use sudo. I agree with @freebird54

Linux (Arch)
EndeavourOS is like a universe! I haven’t been to all the Galaxy’s! :rofl:


Oh, thanks for telling me. I followed the instruction from the authur of the software, he told me to use sudo, and i thought must sudo in order to clone.
I will try clone without sudo next time. thanks for the good info.

Got it. Thanks.

Download snapshot ? from AUR ? what is the extension of a snapshot of an app ? I know snapshot of a virtual os, but have not heard of snapshot of an app.

Did you just said not use sudo yay -S ?

Doesn’t yay spit out a warning if you use it with sudo??

Yes, I said exactly that.

I’ll say it again: never use sudo with yay, e.g.

WRONG: sudo yay -S package-name
RIGHT: yay -S package-name

it’s maybe counterintuitive because pacman needs sudo to work, yay however will request elevated privileges only when needed, so it will ask your password only at the step it is required. It doesn’t need sudo from the start.

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The reason you shouldn’t use sudo with yay is that running makepkg as root is fundamentally unsafe. It would give a malicious(or broken) PKGBUILD the freedom to do anything it wanted in your system very easily.

If yay needs privileges, it will ask for them. When makepkg needs privileges, it will also ask for them.


Downloading a snapshot…

If you go to the AUR website itself, and select the packagename you are interested in - downloading a snapshot is one of the options given - as seen here:

On the right side are things you can do with regard to the package (such as view the PKGBUILD file, or its changes this version) and downloading a snap is one such choice. I often read up on a package before adding it, and this is an easy way to get a look at it.

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Isn’t that mostly the same thing as cloning it with git?

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I expect so - but I know how this option works :grin: I KNOW that I can determine the location and name of the resulting extraction endpoint - and besides - I’m there already!

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Ok, You cleared my mind. I was asking becauce one time i used yay to update and it asked me for password. That confused me. Thanks for clear explaination.