Problem while testing kernel 5.8


I wanted to try the new Kernel from the testing repository. So I went into the pacman.conf and uncommented [testing] and the Include and after that did the usual pacman -Syu. It installed just fine but I get stuck after reboot. I can see and move my mouse cursor on a black screen, but nothing else happens besides that.

I’m not quite sure if there is something else I need to do to upgrade the kernel. And if there isn’t how would I approach looking for the problem? Also, is it even possible to properly use the testing kernel right now?

Are you using an Nvidia graphics card? Is it possible that your graphics driver is not compatible with the new kernel?

Can you switch to tty2?

No, AMD.

A while back I installed linux-zen 5.8 from Testing without switching to Testing.

It has been working fine. I have integrated intel graphics.

I guess by switching your whole system to testing any number of packages could be the culprit here.

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Also, yes, I can get into tty2,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ll rather do it the “official” testing way or just let it sit until it’s in stable (and hopefully working).

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Okay, your comment about other packages being the problem helped. I did a partial update only with the new kernel and it helped. Before anyone says anything, it’s just for testing.

Thanks for the hint.