Private Internet Access (PIA) now support ARM devices

While going through the motions of re-setting up my Pinebook Pro, I noticed that my VPN provider (PIA) now offer both armhf & aarch64 versions of their VPN client:

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Darned if PIA isn’t the most progressive seeming of the VPN providers, too bad they were bought out by a questionable entity a year or two ago (I switched…not sure I needed to…but?)

That’s the second time I’ve heard something along those lines, but I couldn’t find anything online about it before? Who bought them?

EDIT: just looked again. “Kape”… who are Kape?

EDIT2: Hmm… have to see how this pans out. Might end my subscription. Any VPN recommendations?

After reading and trying, I went to expressvpn. I’m not 100% satisfied, I was more technically satisfied with PIA. I’ll be glad to read what others say.

I found an article I read about this at the time it was rolling out:


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I kept on using PIA - and have not SEEN any bad effects so far. Doesn’t mean they aren’t there, of course, but what experience suggests is that it is still technically up there. They helped fund WireGuard (and it is optional), it works well on tablets and PCs of various types well - and allows 10 connections with 1 sub. Any time extension result in cheap(er) prices too.

I just never know which paranoid fantasy/possibility is one to worry about! Covid is enough for me handle ATM.

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Thanks. I’ll switch to Mullvad when my year with PIA is up.

Read through this forum thread a couple of days ago:

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I have also been thinking a lot as of late to to switch to Mullwad from my current one, NordVPN.

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I like the pricing model. Seems fair. I budget monthly, not yearly. Will probably stop using client software too, and switch to NetworkManager’s interfaces.

Also, there’s some information on this forum thread about setting up VPN killswitches:

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Yes. It’s good you can use the service for the period of the time you need it. And you don’t need to give your email or any personal info to “sign up”.

I have been using NetworkManager all along for the VPN. It works quite nicely.

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I was using NetworkManager, but I got lazy. Plus, my OpenVPN connections all stopped working a while ago. I think it was linked to an update to OpenVPN.

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Could be. I learnt recently how to set up killswitch as well through ufw. That was something I missed using OpenVPN.

Gonna try that using firewalld. There should probably be a wiki entry on use of firewalls as a VPN kill switch.

In principle you deny all the incoming and outgoing traffic on the interface you are using and only leave open to outgoing traffic for the VPN interface (tun0 or some such).

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