Printer paper with DRM

Latest in the :clown_face: :earth_africa:, paper with DRM:

It’s never going to end, it’s just getting worse and worse.


It’s a mad world

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The company puts it’s d*** down the customers throat and afterwards the customer says “Thanks, five stars on amazon”


Can’t make this up. Others will probably soon follow.

I wonder about toilet paper DRM now… :thinking:


Everything but this :point_down:

It’s called science!!




What happened to good old Post It notes?
Pen, paper and magic tape. What’s wrong with that? Can’t people hand write simple notes? Everything’s got to be connected to a machine these days.

The computer shop I occasionally go to uses electrical tape with information written on it. It’s so easy to peel off.

It’s no different to chips in ink and toner cartridges to prevent the use of compatibles.

They don’t make money from the device, they make money from the consumables…:joy:

Although I do not approve of DRM I don’t find this example as something new or revolutionary.
Only thing that is new is use of RFID for DRM. Many years ago it was done by slightly odd paper width, roll diameter or some other mechanical properties. Even a different temperature of the print can disable most knock off papers if you are willing to invest in such DRM development.

Do you remember all those connectors before USB (especially for phones)? :wink:
The same thing is going to happen (or is happening) with battery cars where every company is making their own charger to push their own assets on the market.

It is nice idea until you get into the whole logistic business and assets tracking - barcodes, dmc written by hand are not something you would want. :laughing: Computers are there to make your work easier (at least ibelieve that was the original idea).


I was more angling at the context given in the video: customer names, basic information, but I understand what you mean. I used to hand write many addresses on shipping documents. It was great when dot-matrix printers came out. Dot-matrix printers are still quite common where I’m living. You don’t have to print things three times when using triplicate carbon paper.

I remember those hand-held machines that you put a strip of plastic into that embossed the plastic with the letters. I can’t remember what they were called.

The problem with devices is that they are made cheaply, so the company has to make consumables to actually make a decent profit.

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I’m literally going to use my old computer stuff until I die at this rate. I’m never buying anything ever again.