Post GRUB graphics issues after going into Windows

You can use Photoshop under wine, as well as Topaz Denoise :upside_down_face:
It’s not very easy to get a grip on proper setup at first, but i do

But do you really need Topaz Denoise? By properly lighting a scene, you can reduce noise significantly. And some noise can look very nice, if properly controlled.

There are professional photographers and videographers who only use Linux. Sure, they are a tiny minority and most of them speak to frogs or are crazy in some other way, but they do exist.

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This is rather amusing. I’ve been using arch as my main dev / media / everything machine since 2015. Dealt with various issues starting from the Dell Precision 5510, through multiple laptops and now the second desktop. Please don’t come preaching to me about comfort zones. If I wanted to leave my comfort zone, I’d go to Windows - I’ve gotten used to Linux and find Windows “uncomfortable”, hence my efforts to stay.

As for limited means - I have a beast of a machine to do half of my work (media processing). Linux DOES NOT HAVE THE SOFTWARE to do this. If BlackmagicDesign made things work on Linux, I’d 100% not boot into Windows right now. But they don’t. And I need to.

If you don’t control the source of image (you’re not actually doing it) - yes you absolutely really need it :frog:

Sometimes work on images is not done by the source…A lot of times in fact, depending on your field of work

I’m pretty sure people were making spectacular movies and videos before AI noise reduction was even considered possible.

We rely on software too much these days. And the results are negative, because the talent and skills have decreased dramatically.

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That’s entirely different conversation, if we’re speaking pure art :laughing:

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I need either Topaz of DxO Photolab. I admire your attempts at explaining how some things are good enough - and indeed, some are. I even use Darktable on Windows (where it runs worse than in Linux). But if you’re shooting wildlife with long lenses with £8000 of kit, and not £19000 of kit (and actually even then), then denoising IS a part of the process, and no, in many cases, we can’t explain it away by saying it looks good.

I currently use Topaz in a VM. That works.


I’m sorry… I don’t think you know enough about photography or videography based on these remarks. But this is getting way off topic.

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Hmm… last time I tried, Wine failed pretty bad with Topaz (about two years ago). I’m currently using a VM, but will give Wine another look with Topaz. If it works with Wine, that’s one less headache :slight_smile:




Oh wow… did you need any special flags or anything for this? Or does it works straight out of the box now?

I’ve used:

  • wine 6.17-staging
  • DLL Override:
concrt140 (native, builtin)

One thing to keep in mind - don’t use system wine, because update can certainly break some things, it rolls incredibly fast, once you’ve found a good version for specific software - keep it.

More on how to use portable wine you can find here


Yup… seems to run with the concrt140 override. Thanks :slight_smile:


Another observation, I’ve now switched cables so it’s DP-0 and DP-4 connected. Linux boots just fine. However, this is my current /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

You can clearly see my xorg only says one panel, and that too DP-2, which isn’t even plugged in: (xrandr output)

With this setup, I’m getting 5K all through (i.e. login window, and then my session). I wonder where it’s getting the settings to do 5K from when the /etc/X11/xorg.conf says to use only one monitor.

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Topaz Denoise is working nicely with your override. I’m trying to get PhotoAI running under wine too. But the installer flat out crashes when starting. I was wondering if you managed to get that running somehow.

Nope, what’s that?
If you give me a link i might take a look when have some free time


You mean also Topaz’s

Yes, that’s the one. The msi installer fails to even load under wine (running 7.20).

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So, trial demo installer works out of the box (tested with wine 6.17 staging) and gives this error:


Changed to Windows 10 in winecfg for that wineprefix


After then i’ve got that warning which restricts proceeding… :roll_eyes:


So i guess you’re doomed if your CPU doesn’t support AVX instructions…
However that being said - my CPU clearly supports it, yet still i have this stupid error.

Which means that installer is utterly broken crap, i suggest to wait for some :pirate_flag: portable version or make your own, if you really need this program.

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And to prove my point that it’s not wine or CPU - here’s CPU-Z running in same prefix showing AVX and AVX2 available :upside_down_face: