Port of garuda-settings for EndOS?

Hi. Im wondering if someone can make a port of this for EndeavourOS? Even with just a title name change or something.
It would greatly help me in my quest to have a driver manager GUI.
No one else has to use or implement it if they don’t want to but I really want my OS set up with it.

You don’t need to port it, just install and use it. It should still work fine even if the name is different, and even then, so what? :grin:


Hello. Yeah I know but I’m an ocd guy and perfectionist so just would be good to have the proper naming.
And if that distro or it’s git maintainers stop then the package will be useless relying on them
So would appreciate if someone could help port it for me

garuda settings manager is a fork of manjaro-settings-manager - so you could just fork the code and change the name and build it.


If all you’re wanting to do is change the name, it’s pretty easy to do. Download the repo, run makepkg and test the install. After that, do a text search for references to garuda and replace it with EOS. Should be easy enough for you to do. Post here if you get stuck and I’m sure people would be willing to help if you put in a little effort yourself.

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There is a gotcha with settings-manager tool.

It requires maintenance - quite often. This is because it is written using qt and every time the icu lib is change the application breaks.

Just so you know it :slight_smile:

I just tried that. I changed the labelheader=Garuda Settings parameter to what I wanted. But when I run makepkg -si it just installs there version from their git and completely ignores my build

I was able to compile the Manjaro Settings one with my edits…but nothing shows up in the sub menus of the app - click on hardware configuration, and nothing shows up, same as in all the other sub menus…so it has to be compiled using the garuda one

I might be way off with this as my coding knowledge sucks . But manjaro uses MHWD to install/uninstall drivers etc so that may need to be changed as EOS doesn’t use that implementation

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I think you are spot on. I installed MHWD and everything shows up. What do I need to change exactly though?

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Don’t use Manjaro’s mhwd to install drivers on anything other than Manjaro - it won’t work.

You are just about to break your installation.

Are you asking how to port Manjaro’s mhwd to Arch? That seems like a rather large, ambiguous, and difficult question to answer, involving a lot of low-level system and programming detail.

I’d recommend you get used to how the distro currently works before trying to change it into another distro.


I guess before we all get too carried away, let’s start at the beginning: Why do you want garuda-settings-manager? What features of it are you looking to use?

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You are incorrect.
I just installed my NVIDIA drivers through my custom made app.
And im typing on the OS now after it.
Also even the garuda settings aur/git repo uses the MHWD as a dependency for it:

Dependencies (18)

Why the question? I simply just want a GUI for it. It’s that simple. I prefer GUI where I can have one/compile one.

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Weird. I’d have thought it would have tripped up when installing kernel driver modules. Obviously it has handling for Arch-style kernel naming. :man_shrugging:

“The more you know”

Technically that’s Garuda’s fork of mhwd, not Manjaro’s mhwd. If you’re using that then that probably explains why it works.

Ah, yes:

So, yes, it’s not installing the kernel driver module packages, it’s using the DKMS driver packages.


@librewish forked most of the majaro “goodies” over to arch. Although probably easier just to add the chaotic aur repo to your install and get the packages that way. They get rebuilt daily I believe.

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Yep and so even when I go into the kernel subsection nothing shows up. Its blank. Which therefore equals safe

Then why use a “Terminal centric disto”? Kind of silly to complain about a lack of GUI tools here.


So basically you want to fork Garuda’s tools and replace the distro name with EnOS.

Easy enough to do - clone the repos, do a search-and-replace, recompile. It’s not really a very nice thing to do given you’re using someone else’s work and it would be better to give credit where credit is due, but there’s nothing stopping you. :man_shrugging:


Maybe I like the distro as a whole, and the community so far and the minimal-ism of it.
And I said I like a GUI where I can compile one.

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That’s an interesting philosophical question: at what point does Garuda install stop being Garuda and becomes EndeavourOS?