Please tell me how to configure Thunderbird for Protonmail

Some months back I Googled the term “Secure email providers” & came to know about Protonmail so I created an account. Since then I changed majority of my different forums registrations from Gmail to Protonmail. In short I never send any email using my Protonmail account. I just receive notifications when someone replies to my followed threads in different forums.

I have configured Thunderbird to send/receive emails of my Gmail account.

Please tell me how to configure Thunderbird for Protonmail.

Too bad you already changed. Otherwise you have Tutanota who has its own client. I have used them for a few years without major problems!

Okay. When support for clients is ready please leave a reply here.

It is already supported:

You must pay for an account on Protonmail for it to work today!

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I am using Protonmail for personal use only. Nothing important. Frankly now I am beginning to think that Gmail is much better & user friendly. I shouldn’t have moved my forum registrations to Protonmail.

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Tutanota I just say! :wink: 1GB free, own clients for most platforms (AppImage for Linux). Open source. User friendly!

You don’t unless you pay for Protonmail. I have 2 accounts there and that is one of the first things you notice. Now that said Proton’s online client is far clearer and better than Gmail’s.


Gmail is user friendly, AND they have access to all of your correspondence, AND will adjust adds accordingly, AND many other things that are dubious, AND it’s not encrypted.

If it’s secure enough for the particle physicians at CERN, it’s probably secure enough for me. :wink:

You made a good choice switching to ProtonMail.


Whatever you use, it’s a better choice than Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. I use both Tutanota and Protonmail. Have my VPN on protonVPN.

One thing to keep in mind is that no email is secure. I mostly have my accounts to get away from the big ones. Easier to get a good address too. Everyone on for example Gmail are taken.

Email would need to be redone completely with security in mind. It is not possible today, unfortunately. Even if everyone says it’s encrypted! Metadata can be read.

I do consider emails as postcards… someone CAN get a peek on the way. :grin:


I will just keep using the web interface of Protonmail.
One thing that I noticed is the fact that some online forums will not allow me to register with Protonmail. I have no idea why.

That’s typically because they’ve had an influx of spammers / trolls using that particular service so they block it at the server level. In the past I’ve actually ran into ones that blocked accounts that wanted to register with gmail.

You may want to have a look at Disroot Email as a Gmail alternative.
I am using it since 4 years, and no issues with it (and it works with Thunderbird)


I don’t know anything about Proton but i have been using Thunderbird for years. It is one of the easiest to set up because you just put in your email address and your password and it automatically connects to your provider and sets up the proper email protocols, then it connects to the mail server and downloads your email. Once done there are a few minor settings you can adjust and it also has add ons such as a calendar etc.

Never had an issue with it and it’s part of Mozilla!

Edit: Thunderbird is an email client! So you just use your existing email. It’s not a web based email site!

Its easy to register with a new email provider but the toughest part is not login to each & every forum and change the registered email. I am a member of 55~60 forums which also includes common sites like Facebook.

Yes that method works with popular email providers like Gmail but it doesn’t work with Protonmail. I tried & failed.

My own solution was to close my Facebook account (as Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc…) I feel more healthy now, and the only virus I still need to get rid off is the Covid 19 :rofl:


You say it doesn’t. I don’t know why it wouldn’t but i would have to try it myself to see. When you say it doesn’t work that really doesn’t tell me anything. It won’t connect to it? Could be related to the encryption? Don’t know unless i tried it.

Edit: Just checked their site and there is no reason it won’t work with Thunderbird!

ProtonMail Bridge is an application that seamlessly encrypts and decrypts your mail as it enters and leaves your computer.

It allows you to fully integrate your ProtonMail account with a third-party client that supports IMAP and SMTP protocols, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail. This includes support for importing emails into your ProtonMail account from other email accounts that are connected to the same client, as well as full-text search of your ProtonMail emails from within your client.

This is what happens when I try to configure Thunderbird the “usual way”.

I haven’t tried the ProtonMail Bridge yet but according to SweSG one needs a paid account to
take advantage of ProtonMail Bridge.