Please can we please get an option for universal/standard keybinds in EOS WM?

I might be a bit biased, but I believe qtile has the best standard for keybinds, meta+w closing, meta+e opening filemanager, meta+r using rofi. I tried using awesome and immediately closed my entire session because for some reason meta+q is to kill ALL of awesome. I’m willing to help convert some of the config files to the Qtile standard if others are willing to help as well. Myabe it’s just me but I do feel that EOS needs a unified keybind layout for WM.

Different wms have different keybindings that users may already have gotten used to. I am unsure how much keybindings have been modified by eos, but if it were me I would change the default keybindings as little as possible. You are free to adapt your config to your keybindings. My opinion is that changing keybindings for all wm to qtile is a bad idea.

For example I use meta+shift+q to close on i3wm. Default keybinding I believe.

Just my opinion, maybe different than yours. I also like qtile a lot…

I absolutely see your point, but from my perspective it just makes confusion, as if you’re working with someone who uses qtile and someone who uses awesome you need to remember both keybinds.
I love qtile, it’s all I use now.

I tried awesome multiple times, I just don’t get their keybindings. I always try then quit awesome wm after a couple of days trying it.

Edit: I am too lazy to change all default keybindings.

I absolutely understand that, which is why I believe that there should be at least an option to “import” your normal keybinds if you want to try out awesome, your keybinds shouldn’t be what holds you back from using/trying a different window manager/experience.

And for this that’s why I want to go ahead and try to convert it for people who want to give it a try but are used to i3/qtile

Every window manager lets your rebind shortcuts.

Even dwm, though you have to edit the source code manually and recompile it.

I see not point it OP’s suggestion. Whatever the “standard” is, you’ll find more people disliking it than liking it.

Adopt a DIY mindset. If you don’t like something, use software that lets you fix it.


What about creating a config file for each of these and you can host on your GitHub or gitlab, it’s for free and maybe useful. If people dig it, maybe maintainers of eos repo will adapt it. Just an idea. I would use an awesome with default i3 keybindings. :wink:

Edit: ultimately if it goes on eos git, will be their decision, not sure how to get a community contributed repo folder.

Exactly, but as Zircon said, well he said he’s lazy, but that also means that it’s a ton of work to actually do, which is why I’m going to try and convert it for those who want to use it. I’m not saying there should be a universal standard, more so just an option, like an eos community dotfile

That’s what I’m doing actually! still learning github though

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Not always :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha, just quoting what you said, but it’s actually an excellent point, manually editing every keybind is tedious, it would be so much easier if there was a importation of qtile to awesome, which is why I’m going to try and do it for people.

In the real world, that’s never a justification that anyone will buy. If you’re lazy, then just keep suffering. Once it gets so uncomfortable that you can’t handle it, you won’t be lazy any more.

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“In the real world”
If there was a way to make someones life easier and get more people to try new things, I believe that it should be done.

“I believe other people should make my life easy.”

I hate to break it to you, but you’re in for a lot of disappointment with such an attitude… :rofl:


Alright good to know, but I still heavily disagree as that’s the mentality that keeps people away from linux.

Well, it keeps lazy and entitled people away from Linux, so who cares? They are of no use to anyone, anyway…

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Nooooo, what is the logic in super+w to close a window, super+q is more logical :rofl:

Enough of this nanny state!!!


I can’t argue with that haha

We are all mostly adults, my computer, my rules.


There is lazy and lazy. Everyone deserves some lazy time, especially concerning keybindings. Keybindings are for lazy people who don’t want to click with the mouse :laughing:

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