Plasma : none stick walpaper :Desktop ods

Hi In plasma When ever I set the wallpaper, next reboot its back to EOS.Honeywave!!

Also the left desktop is blank!!

The solution is make the left desktop primary in settings, then make the right one primary,
This makes them display, then I have to set my desired wallpaper.
After a reboot its back as it was as per the above screenshot.

Any ideas?


As you say, this is not a solution. Don’t do this.
The issue falls into the KDE multi-monitor bugs category and will be finally solved with Plasma 6/Qt6 version.

For now, you can try finding a workaround for everyday usage.

  • Clean plasma cache
  • Delete plasma kscreen rc (and possibly other related rc files) in $XDG_CONGIG_HOME, so will be recreated on login
  • Don’t change wallpapers monitors; layout too often :smile:
  • Don’t set both monitors as Primary, which should be done from Plasma automatically, but there are some log messages that contradict… :face_with_head_bandage:
  • Don’t use Auto-login (it’s not clear for me in the logs :cry: )

or other method.

I am sure KDE devs have a good knowledge about this, but it wouldn’t hurt if you added your related journal log part (including kscreen, plasmashell, kwin_x11 included lines).

Hi thanks for the reply, I am not setting both as primary/I go through the dialog… its more like a toggle there one screen is if you set the other then the previous one is not, But so far its the only way I have found. Oh I forgot this is a fresh install.

No auto login is security hole I login normally.

mmm logs that contradict I did not know what to put in and what not.


I am sure KDE devs have a good knowledge about this, but it wouldn’t hurt if you added your related journal log part (including kscreen, plasmashell, kwin_x11 included lines)."

specific command pls ! I have errors when I tick the boxes in log generation tool, a valid link is not provided so I cant past one.


I’ve noticed this bug two or three times thus far, especially when my monitors turn off due to a period of inactivity. When I turn them on, there is a small chance that one of the desktops will have the default wallpaper.

Since it does not happen very often (like I said, in many months of using this dual monitor setup, I’ve seen it only two or three times), I just change the wallpaper manually.

But it is definitely a bug with Plasma 5 and if you’re experiencing it very often, I can see how it might be annoying.

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I guess it’s bug report time!



I’m sure they know about it. In any case, I can’t reliably reproduce it, so I won’t be the one reporting it.

Furthermore, KDE has a terrible bug tracker and you have to make a temporary email address every time you use it, otherwise they show your email to the world. I shall have nothing to do with it.

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I’ve tagged the op though :wink:

Seems they’ve finally migrated to GitLab, check the link above :frog:

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The bitter taste is still in my mouth. :rofl:

So why did they let me create a new bug report in the old site?
It’s not migrated to the new one automatically, and I think not everything is transferred (at least those I was reading during my report).

Has anybody seen any announcement anywhere?.. :angry: :cry: :sob:


Well,…That’s a good question…i still have couple of pretty damn hot bugs which they haven’t addressed in their old horrible system… :rofl:

They’ve announced it about a year ago, then process started…Maybe it’s not 100% finished yet, but now their GitLab seems to be finally usable.

Really? OK, if you have found the way and their structure, when you find time, post a link to the Multi-Monitor tag/category/whatever, so we can laugh a little during our break time :rofl:


@Kresimir @petsam

Sorry, i’m full of s**t…they’re still not :roll_eyes: