Plasma search application are no longer in set order

After an update to, applications and images in the Plasma search or in krunner are no longer in the set order
Can someone confirm this

As you can see, applications should be first in the krunner search.

Its in german. Anwendungen = Application
konsole is highlighted green

EDIT: opened a topic at KDE Discuss

@smokey, you also only work with krunner. Have you noticed that too?

Not really but I don’t have krunner search for everything only and I only run a few programs on a daily basis.

Can’t you drag and drop the options in the background there to dictate what order the results show up in?

Favorite Plugins is the order.
Applications first, then browser sub-window, then browser history. It should be displayed in this order. Applications in the row first, because I start everything from krunner. I don’t have a dock