Plasma 5.27 wayland + nvidia cursor incomplete

After I update to plasma 5.27, when I am using wayland, my cursor becomes incomplete in some apps, like steam, league of legends, and so on.

Xorg does not have this issue, neither does my amd laptop with the same EndeavourOS. I am thinking isn’t the cursor a set of images? so is there any quick way to fix?

I find that there is a “Legacy Apps (X11)” in the display setting, if I set to “scaled by the system”, then this issue also disappears, however the app like steam and lol become quite blurry…

here is the system info:

In the Plasma Wayland session, when using a GPU that doesn’t support atomic modesetting, the cursor will no longer disappear when it touches the bottom or right screen edge in WINE games (Xaver Hugl, Plasma 5.27.1.)

Sounds about right?
It will be fixed in next update…

Technically yes, it is…But it gets cutted by some bug in kwin compositror + nvidia driver, so it won’t be that simple to fix yourself, but you can look in that bugreport maybe there’s some way to quick recompile something :upside_down_face:


Thanks, not exact but similar issue, I just find another one
I think I will wait for the next plasma update. Apparently plasma 5.27 brings me more bugs than better experience, at least for wayland :frowning:

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Wayland…It’s like masochist paradise! :rofl:
But hey, someone has to use it, in order for bugs to get fixed someday…

Yeah, you’re right that clipping bug is more accurate, not fixed so far :frowning_face:


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