Plasma 5.24 releases today

I know that thrills all you that run XFCE or some other non-Plasma DE greatly, but try to contain yourself!
As I recall this is the LTS release. I wonder when Plasma 6 will show and what it’s features will be?
Anyway, babbling done…and I’ll await my updates.


I imagine that plasma 6 is still a ways out. Porting the whole thing to qt6 is probably going to take some time


No issues in Testing.

Cover Switch is back, the Overview desktop effect is … meh.

Krunner assistant is okay.

Wouldn’t use fingerprint scanning if you paid me.

Don’t use Wayland yet either.

Does anybody actually use Discover? Every release seems to have hundreds of bug fixes, not a lot of confidence in the developers.


I didn’t use testing this time…I usually do.
I don’t use fingerprint scanning (except on phone)
I use Wayland pretty much exclusively.
No, my discover usage scares me…won’t be using it anytime soon. I prefer pacman myself :slight_smile:

It isn’t that useful on Arch-based distros but it is used pretty heavily on some static-release distros.

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just switched to testing and updated everything, now conky won’t autostart anymore.
It runs fine if I run it in terminal or from the menu, but it won’t start as startup application, and it won’t start in a loginscript (not even with a sleep before the actual start).
All my other autostart things (yakuake, latte-dock, ckb-next) work fine.

It’s driving me crazy …

Created a new topic for the conky-problem: Conky not autostarting anymore in Plasma 5.24

Main highlights: Use Overview to manage all your desktops and applications

Gnome feature, nailed it :laughing: put some gnome into your kde!


5.24 arrived in stable branch.

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Yeah, reminds me of some other DE which is pretty crappy… can’t remember exactly which one :wink:

While the need to copy inferior designs to KDE may seem illogical at first glance, I’m sure it will eventually be improved upon. After all, KDE started as a copy of windoze desktop.

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Just installed it from the official repositories.

inxi -F
  Host: DesktopEOS Kernel: 5.16.7-arch1-1 x86_64 bits: 64
    Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.24.0 Distro: EndeavourOS

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Fun fun, I had a file conflict with glxinfo in it’s own pkg and mesa also, and Latte Dock settings were mapped to Meta+W. Always fun (though minor fun).

From @TechHut’s YT channel

Disabling latte dock before an update to plasma is akin to disabling extensions on gnome really.


Do you have to have virtual desktops enabled for this feature?

No just enable it through desktop effects

I did that but I’m trying to understand how it works since I’m not a Gnome user. :wink:


Should just have to use the shortcut meta + w

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Now you are! :rofl:

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At least i won’t need extensions to break my KDE. :crazy_face: