Plasma 5.22 Beta: The Quest for Stability and Usability

Some interesting improvements and changes on the horizon.


I use Gnome, btw!


I can’t believe it took so long for that clock redesign…Everytime I saw it I almost would almost throw up violently

What is Gnome?
Certainly can’t be something related to computers.
In my country we do have a lot of stories featuring those guys (stories are called fairytales). :wink:


Yeah, lots of fun stepping into a fairyland everyday I power up my laptop

Used to be kind of entertainment in different countries :


Sounds like a horribly disgusting practice!


Weirdly enough, so do I :wink:

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Upgraded to the beta the moment I could.

Liking the changes and that window preview when you hover over them on the panel pop-up feels so right.

Wayland wise, somehow I now get screen flickering when gaming with VRR enabled. With 5.21 Wayland I did not had that issue, so that is strange.

But yeah, some nice visual changes and probably a ton of stuff that are less noticeable/under the hood.


Having read your post about Gnome, I get the impression that you have a love-hate relation with it (though I might be wrong). So I kind of get “weirdly enough”.

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The subtle changes in 40 are actually growing on me. A lot.


Same here! I tried it on Fedora and the next moment I had EnOS with Gnome up and running on my everyday laptop.

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Not to hijack a thread but I also noticed that they put transparency back into the Gnome terminal.


I want to ask the following. I added the KDE unstable repo and updated to include the new beta version of KDE. Then i commented out the unstable for now as everything is working okay. I just did an update and there these two packages which are from the AUR. It’s reporting them missing which is strange. They were in the AUR. Now i just tried to check updates and is nothing to do? Obviously i have error messages related to packages being newer than in the current repo’s because i commented out the Kde unstable. That’s fine… just wondering why these other two showed earlier when i did an update but now they don’t show them. They are not installed.


Keep in mind, pacman doesn’t actually track the source of a package. Additionally, the way AUR helpers work is they report any packages not in the repos or AUR as “missing”.

In this case, those packages are new packages in the kde-unstable repo. Since you removed that repo, they show as missing. checkupdates doesn’t show them because they don’t appear to need updates.

They probably are installed unless you removed them. Did you check with pacman? Some of the GUI tools don’t handle that situation properly.

Okay…Thanks! I kind of figured that maybe it’s new packages added to Kde unstable after the fact since i have commented out the repo. But I’m not sure?

What is the best way of using the KDE Unstable to check out the newest kde stuff. Obviously i don’t want it to destroy my Kde installation. That is why i uncommented it for now. Sometimes i downgrade it after checking it out too. I could leave it running also?

A VM is the best way to test the unstable KDE. :wink:

Otherwise, your only option is:

  • Add the repo
  • Upgrade
  • Test
  • Remove the repo
  • Downgrade

I don’t recommend removing the repo and not downgrading. Either leave it there or remove and downgrade. Leaving the packages while removing the repo will just leave your system in an odd state.

Okay… I’m not opposed to leaving it active. I mean if it destroys the setup and i can’t fix it. Oh well! I’ll just install it again. Done it before. :wink:

I’m not a big saver of anything so it really doesn’t bother me. I just take in stride. My internet is very fast and it takes no time to replace everything the way i have it. Remembering everything that i had done before though sometimes is hard. Sometimes i forget i had a certain package or something until down the road. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I looked at it. But where in the terminal settings does it say anything about transparency? :thinking:

I can’t imagine any situation in which the kde-unstable repo would require a re-install.

In the worst case, remove the repo and downgrade :slight_smile: