Plasma 5.21 is out

i know there are quite a lot of Plasma users around here. So hold on to your butts my little plasmoids (understand? :wink: ), a new release is coming for you…


The announce video made in Blender is wonderful! Improving in leaps and bounds. Image is half the battle.

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Already in Arch [testing] :wink:


Yeah, Arch is always friggin’ fast with those Plasma releases, as far as i remember

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First issue/question: I use a custom theme derived from breeze (changed a few colors, newly recreated from 5.21 breeze). Apps are showing the correct color, but not e.g. global widgets. Quick example:

Is it just me?

Plasma style → Breeze (with Follows color scheme at the bottom)?

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Did the devs get rid of the additional timeline folders in the Dolphin panel for good, or is that a recurring bug? (i.e. Modified Today, Modified Yesterday)

Thank you, that it was! - Much better. :slight_smile:

It always makes me happy to get a new version of Plasma.

Debating switching from Gnome to Plasma for this release, but maybe this is a case of “the grass is always greener”…

But there’s some really nice looking UI stuff in here.

Plasma style → Breeze with Transparency
Even better :wink:

In this case, the grass is greener and much easier to cut to your taste. KDE is certainly a little more pliable IMO.


You could try it out using a live iso on a usb, for example kde neon, if you like it then EOS+kde = :grin:

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I am the kind of person that gets paralyzed by choice, which I guess makes dealing with linux even more difficult :wink:

I grabbed KDE Neon and loaded it up in a VM to play around with, appreciate the suggestion from @Zircon34, totally forgot about that as a possibility!

It’s interesting exploring other environments, - while Plasma is my DE of choice for its flexibility and functionality for low vision, I was reading up on Gnome Shell, and how, when you understand how its meant to be used, as a keyboard-centric desktop environment, it really flows.

It’s kind of a middle-ground between a tiling desktop environment and the classical “windows” interface we’re used to. Liking and preferring something shouldn’t preclude you from learning and exploring about others… :slight_smile:

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My issue with Gnome is I’ve been having some issues with delayed notifications which is gettiing annoying…I also have a soft spot for Plasma.

But anyway, this is neither here nor there :wink:

We should see this moved to stable release at some point, today.

Only rolling releases will see this update, as Manjaro need to push separately through their release cycle.

You will love this 5.21 release. :heart:

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I haven’t found a transparent theme I like yet. Biggest issue: most themes don’t follow my local theme colors but apply their own.

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Are you using the Testing build for this? Might be worth waiting for the final release and try again.

Looks like 5.21 is now in Extra.