Plans for Nvidia Proprietary Driver Going Forward from 6.6?

Per this article from Phoronix, it seems like the proprietary Nvidia driver will either suffer performance loss or stop loading altogether after the GPL defense/enforcement changes being made to the 6.6 kernel.

Given how terrible the open source Nvidia drivers are, what are the options for keeping an Nvidia system running? Could I just hold back/ignore the kernel updates in pacman indefinitely until Nvidia comes out with their “fix”?

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most likely nvidia will have to adapt to the new restrictions

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  1. Get an AMD card.

That’s about it…

Buying an AMD card was probably the best decision I made with regards to my computer, since switching to the GNU operating system with Linux. Made my life a million times easier…


Not a helpful reply.


It may not seem like that to you from your current perspective, but it’s the best answer of all answers regarding NoVidea graphics.


linux6.6 will come in few month ( about 2-3 month )
==> see carefully this point page 4, reply 33

that if mdca is applied ( GPL Only ) , → linux kernel will blocked all driver nvidia ( drm) and they will ask to suppress all rebuild in repo a nightmare for any heavy cloud nvidia clusters and because nvidia is a zelote in patents rights

Literally not an answer to the question posed. I didn’t ask is it better to switch hardware providers, your post is neither helpful nor relevant.

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Swapping out the nvidia card tonight for the 6700. Enough of nvidia shennanigans


Smart move. Life’s too short to deal with NoVidea’s :ox: :poop:.

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Actually, it was a valid answer.
I have a nVidia card that has been trouble since a recent update borked my system. I finally got it working by uninstalling nVidia proprietary soft ware and drivers and switched to Nouveau.
I’ve been following this saga for some time, and seeing that the new 6.6 Linux Kernel is going to hamper using nVidia cards, I’m inclined to either go AMD or Intel.

So please refrain from being a child when a good answer is given that you don’t like. Either don’t respond or move on or both.
You have to remember, there are others here looking for answers to the nVidia issues, so you’re not special.

But is is a suggestion. Nothing wrong with that. Nvidia is problematic. You could just use the open source drivers but as you said they are terrible.

I suppose you could. :man_shrugging:

just fired it up! Boxed up the ol’nvidia as a backup card

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until / if fixed…

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It’s never going to be fixed …only temporarily maybe until it’s broken again. :wink:

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Is it trivial to switch “back” to LTS from a more recent rolling release?
Along the lines of stability / compatibility with more recent packages already installed on the system, I mean.

I’m not sure why you’ve taken this so personally. Their response is a non-answer given the context of my question. I’m sorry this thread had bothered you so much but I feel like your weird little rant here is the only childish response.


It is quite trivial, yes. Just have to install the lts kernel (sudo pacman -Syu linux-lts) and, assuming you have the right pacman hooks in place, the initrd and boot loader entries will be generated for you post installation.


I don’t think @Transitman50 was taking this personally at all. I think it’s just a little feed back and maybe some advice because of your earlier reply.

Remember “like water off a ducks back” :wink:

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Right, I meant with the actual packages. There shouldn’t be any actual issues with usability after going backwards from 6.4.12 to 6.1.49, right?

Since it's an older version of the kernel, it's been around much longer than the latest stable kernel. That means more time has been spent on detecting and fixing any issues with 6.1 compared to 6.4. So, in theory, the LTS is less likely to give you any problems; however, the only way to know for sure is to test it out on your system.

The recommended practice is to keep both versions installed.

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