Plank menu, in which Desktop environment does it work?

Which desktop environment does Plank work best? How does it conform or interact with Desktop environments and how do you implement it turning off other panels that may interfere with it?

Just wondering if it could be used in Cinnamon?


I use plank in Openbox however I don’t see an issue with using it in a DE maybe you should just try to install it and see how it works.

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It works anywhere, unless you use Wayland.


How do I get ‘shutdown’ icon or something applicable to shut down the computer on the menubar? What do I use for this?

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I guess the only way to shutdown the system is via terminal or the desklet ‘shutdown’ which is limited in what I can do with it. I can’t drop or drag it or add it to ‘plank’ and it sits on my screen according to some grid that has been established. . . I can’t place it to another area on the desktop.

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have you tried to create a script to shutdown the computer and add that to plank?

No. . . I’m not good at doing too many things. . . .I tried the desklet ’ Shutdown’ and it wasn’t very useful and shutting down the system in terminal isn’t the best way for this to work, so I just decided to give in and go back to what worked , using the standard menu bar that works in Cinnamon. Plank needs further development and doesn’t warrant my time and effort to write scripts. It was my attempt to see if it was worth the effort to try something different.


If you feel like to, you could make keyboard shortcuts for powering off, rebooting etc.

For example you could assign some key combination to systemctl poweroff for shutting down the system.

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Thanks. . . . for everyone’s help. I got everything back to ‘normal’ using Cinnamon … . . i.e. origional menu bar with icons. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Seems to always work for me.

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