Pia vpn client does not always autostart


I am using plasma. I have installed private internet access client software right from pia’s website. I changed the settings in the client to “launch on system startup” and also “connect on launch”
Pia shows up in the settings under autostart.
The problem is sometimes it starts at login but NOT always.
Does anyone know how to fix this.

Many thanks

I wpuld uninstall the packagew from their website and use yay -S piavpn-bin to install and then enable the service

sudo systemctl enable --now piavpn.service

Then pia-client will complete the quick tour guide, and let you login.

You should also know that Kape (formerly Crossrider) was a distributor of bundle installers containing malware.
They bought up several VPN providers (CyberGhost VPN, Zenmate VPN, Private Internet Access and ExpressVPN) and VPN review websites. Use it at your own peril.


For the above reasons I created my own vpn server on Oracle and another one on AWS for free.
A little reading and watch a few videos and was up in running in no time at all.
Wish you the best of luck with your paid services.

Thank you for the replies. I update every day and the last 10 or so times I started my computer pia has successfully started. Maybee an update fixed the problem but it seems good for now.

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