🫐 Pi ; )



I want an EOS Purple Pi. Limited Edition!


I have a PI integrated in a keyboard. Got it last Christmas but booted it only once :sweat_smile: not sure what project or what to do with it. Perhaps I’ll try eos ARM upcoming Christmas when I have finally time to try it.

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Pi 400?

Yes that’s it!

I’ve got one too.
Fun little devices. I have tried several ARM OS on it plus Android 13. It rocks!

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Me too. Yeah! :grapes:

I have a PI 400 too, running Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) aarch64 on a Samsung portable SSD T7 of 1 To, in replacement of my old PC…
I tried Endeavour OS on it, and I was seduced by the nice look of the interface.
BUT, it clearly lack of maturity … I had problems with the install through WiFi which worked only one time… and I ended by making the installation through wired link.

BIG problem : installation of packages : the compilation is too heavy for the Pi400 : 48h for Libre Office, ending by an error. Same with Stellarium…

This is a nice OS, I am waiting for updates on the PI400 …

thank you for your efforts

I have no issues with the installer and am using Xfce on the Pi400. I only had to add a quirk if installing it on an external ssd as it wouldn’t recognize the drive. That may be because of the usb to sata interface it’s using in the case. Others may not find the same issue. I find it the same trying to boot from a usb thumb drive also.

There are no issues on the driver side regarding wifi. If your wifi connection is spotty I would recommend doing wired install as you already did.

Unfortunately we need a good internet connection for arm installs since we dont’ have an offline installer at the moment

May be my SD card was faulty. I ended by using a Samsung SSD on USB3 and using a wired connexion.
When I removed the wired link and used the WiFi it worked fine.

But the compilation time remains a big issue for the PI400.

I love the black and red wallpaper which is perfect for using during astronomics observations.

what do you mean by compilation time?
What are you trying to compile?

I have one too, running Debian 11 and Xfce. I use it as a bureautic computer : mail, Libre Office, Web sites… and Stellarium because I love astronomy. I also run Shotwell and Rapid-photo-downloader to manage my photos.

It is a really nice, low power, silent system.
And its works as fast (and sometimes faster) as my old tower computer.

@sradjoker : I tried Libre Office and Stellarium… 48h of intense disk activity, desktop frozen, no way to ssh on the machine…

I will have another try when I don’t need this computer.

BTW I am using the PI400 to answer on the forum, but I use the Debian SSD.

are binaries available? If they are use them. Raspberry pi is pretty slow, compiling big software will take a long time

I am a newbee on this kind of system. I just used the graphical interface to add software, and it ended by compiling.

I don’t know where to find binaries.

We don’t recommend using a graphical software manager on our systems. Use yay (which comes preinstalled) to search for and install software

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libreoffice-fresh is available in the Archlinux ARM extra repository

sudo pacman -S libreoffice-fresh

will promptly install it.

Stellarium-1.2-1 is available in the AUR. I will try to install it from the AUR later and see how it goes.


I totally agree with @sradjoker , the only supported install methods are pacman, yay, and makepkg on Archlinux ARM.

On my RPi 400 using

sudo pacman -S libreoffice-fresh

installed libreoffice in 1 min 45 sec.

Stellarium is in the AUR. I tried installing Stellarium with yay, and it was going to take a lifetime.
So flathub.org had Stellarium available, so I installed the flatpak system and then installed Stellarium as a Flatpak. Note, neofetch listed

Packages: 962 (pacman), 4 (flatpak)

Never installed Stellarium before. So now I am like the dog chasing a car. Now that I got it I don’t have the slightest idea what to do with it. :dog2: :blue_car: :question:
It just took over the screen; and I couldn’t figure out how to get a screenshot of it.

Here is where to search the Archlinux ARM packages

Here is where to search the AUR

Most packages in the AUR will compile to aarch64 with a little prodding. If you have questions about that, let me know.


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Shotwell-2:0.30.17-3 is available in the Archlinux ARM repositories. If I remember correctly, shotwell is part of GNOME ?

Rapid-photo-downloader is also available in the Archlinux ARM repositories.

sudo pacman -S shotwell rapid-photo-downloader

will install both.