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Looks like a nice hike. How long does it take to get up there and then back down again?

Elevation Gain: 2,100 feet
Round-Trip Distance: 5.25 Miles
Difficulty Level: Class 2 Scramble
Range: Mosquito Range

I take my time climbing up and really take in the scenery and investigate anything that looks interesting. Above tree line, a slow ascent is better on the respiratory system and the circulatory system and helps prevent altitude sickness.

Coming back down is less leisurely in an attempt to get below tree line before the frequent afternoon storms. I have been chased off a mountain by ominous looking clouds more than once! :scream:

So this hike would be about 2 to 2 1/2 hours going up, and a about an 1 to 1 1/2 hours coming down.



I’ll wait for you at the bottom. :rofl:


Thanks! Nice to get a bit of an impression.

I’ve been in the Alps a lot and have done hikes with my dad many a time. Ominous clouds can be quite scary in the mountains indeed.
Once we got lost in a very thick, unexpected fog. Temperatures dropped dramatically, everything got wet and slippery - it took us 6 hours to get out of the mist and another two hours to get back to our car.

It’s very wise of you to be weary of weather conditions in the mountains; things can turn nasty very quickly.

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A picture in picture, perfect!

rust development :wink:


Looks memory safe to me! :rofl:

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i do it cuz reduxos pkg manager

last one is moyai copy

That’s just cargo-cult mentality: it actually has a million unsafe dependencies. :dizzy_face:

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Not if you don’t use cargo dependenices…there are still smart devs out there, you know.

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git clone
cd keybreak
cargo build

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Moscow suburbs.


Where is it geographically?

That’s the Olgino park, 8 km to the east of Moscow.

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Found. Far away from me… On the other side of Moscow :thinking:
40km in a straight line…


As simple as this is I absolutely love it

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