Phoronix & benchmark distribution

phoronix has added endeavor in comparison linux

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Clear Linux Still Outperforming Other Distributions

WHAT :astonished:

Big shock, Intel compiled software runs better on intel hardware :rofl:


Remember that Clear linux is highly optimized for specific hardware. It won’t run on AMD hardware at all, it didn’t for the longest time even support wireless other than Intel, etc.


be careful on this specific distribution linux

but : this not working on all packages …
so on tests phoronix ok
but all is not Stable

they have done very special optimization :
as they have mitigate cpus , they are using AVX instructions as possible ,
AVX512 has been added in GCC 10 , so thats why there is a little pourcent win

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Then it is already dead for me, I will exchange my old i5 2500K for a Ryzen 5 next year.

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Doesn’t seem like a very fair comparison if they are testing a specialized (intel customized) distro against those that aren’t. Such a smell of sulfur. :nose:

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They need to sell their thing. Anyway the comparison is still relevant for people running Intel stuff.

I guess this means they wanted an Arch equivalent to test, and didn’t want to do the ‘official’ install :grin: I could understand that…


Extremely easy to understand.

Before, Michael Larabel used Antergos for benchmarking and after the end he switched to Endeavour from the first day.
In fact, he was the first one who wrote about us when we were still in the midst of creating the distro.