People who fawn over Deepin because it is "pretty"

I mean come on, this is KDE Plasma… EndeavourOS KDE Plasma!


I made a Unity-type layout in KDE back when Unity first launched. Worked better, was more stable. People laughed. :man_shrugging:


KDE > everything. All hail the great plasma!


Is the top one a panel and the bottom a dock?

Yes :smiley:
Edit because it’s very very late here, they are both docks.

I can’t seem to get this latte dock to work for me no matter what i do. It just won’t co-operate! :hole: :walking_man:

When I am in less of an “altered state” I’ll send you the template for my set up :upside_down_face:


what is the issue? Does it launch?

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Hey Noodly ! Appreciated The Work . If you don’t mind . Would u like to share the setup here ?

For some reason I just don’t trust deepin also to me it is not even really very good looking at all, I don’t understand what all this stuff about how pretty it is, I would say KDE with a decent theme looks waaaay better. To each their own.

was :wink: