PassGAN: AI cracks common passwords in under a minute

i just read an article about AI based hacked password. normally i use pwgen with randomly generated password between 16 an 32 characters

pwgen 32 -s -n -y

Result: An AI would need about 6 quadrillion years to crack your password.

There is an input field on the Home Security Heroes website. Passwords entered there are then tested for security. The security researchers state that they neither store nor share such entries.


I have a news for you…
Anyone who ever cracked a password could do exactly that in under a minute using patterns + wordlists + GPU :laughing:

So AI ain’t doing much here.

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don’t destroy my dreams of an all-knowing,all-powerful AI :laughing:

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Too late! :rofl:
I mean really, most people (unfortunately) doesn’t use strong / random generated passwords…absolute most of them could be easily cracked for years.

So there’s not much AI can solve…Quantum computers however theoretically can…

P.S. LOL, i came up with a human rememberable 16 characters (upper / lower case, numbers, couple of special symbols) password…this site says

An AI would need about
1 trillion years
to crack your password


P.S. Oh and btw never enter your actual passwords in any website to check it’s strength.
In case it’s not obvious already - many if not all of such sites can and will be used to create a wordlists :rofl:


quantum computer plus Ai…that must be something like god then :rofl:

you are absolutely right. maybe these people should look into it :wink:

this page also says that you should use special characters, upper and lower case letters to slow down the Ai :wink:

EDIT: i have also just used 13 digit password. with the requirements you had also used.
1 Trillion years :popcorn:

So what is the result of such test? - “Your password was strong enough before you decided to post it on the internet.” :rofl:

Or there is another way.