Panel disappears in wayland randomly

After switching from xorg11 to wayland kde, there is this one issue I keep dealing with. My panels would disappear at random times(like when I do a simple search in my start menu or opening up an application). Not only that, but my desktop would turn into a black screen. Changing compositor modes does not fix this nor does resetting the plasma panels to its defaults.
Kernel: 5.10.76-1-lts
Plasma 5.23.2
CPU: Intel i3-2350M (4) @ 2.300GHz
GPU: Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor Family

I think wayland is not supported yet well on kde. Sorry mate, you will have to use gnome to get the full wayland experience :grin: or is it xwayland?

Why would you use Wayland on Plasma when you have Xorg? :rofl:

Wayland is rubbish, it can’t even run xeyes :eyes:

While KDE Wayland support has gotten a long way in the last year, there sure are more than enough small things that won’t work properly. I personally would use Xorg, as @Kresimir suggested. And if you really want to use Wayland, Gnome or Sway are probably the only environments that work properly right now.

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Not entirely. For example, there is no alternative for Xeyes that works on Wayland, as far as I know.