Pamac installer & db.lck (Not just a problem for EOS)

I’ve noticed on several different distros that Pamac installer freezes up during the download process. Cancelling the install, going into /var/lib/pacman/ and deleting db.lck can fix the problem, but it usually comes back on the next install. I have a love/hate relationship with yay. But, it’s turning into more love since the Pamac installer problem has come up.

I know I’m not the only one having this problem, as I found the fix using DDG on the first page. Just curious if there’s a permissions or settings issue that might be causing this. Anyone have an idea/answer?


it is something like Trouble updating with Pamac

pamac is for such reason no pacman :slight_smile: different beast

yay do using purely aur, but as repo a gui i do tkpacman

Yup. Just like that. :smile: I missed this somehow in search. Thanks. I think it has to do with the multiple simultaneous downloads as stated. When you use yay, (by appearances anyway) it looks like it’s only downloading one thing at a time. Pamac is trying to take on too much apparently. Maybe it times out while downloading? Regardless, marked as solved!
Thanks, @ringo!

I have very good wifi, but even without that… Never understood the point with the simultaneous downloads unless you had like 40 or something. I mean compared to Windows updates the Arch updates are TINY. 60 updated files takes what? Three minutes to download?

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Very true. To be honest, with every Arch variant I’ve tried, I’ve left that one alone and it never had a problem. It just seems to have become a problem over the last couple of months. Maybe some Cosmic Rays got into it, or something. Regardless, I think everything’s working great, now.


is basicly depend from which region you can do with pacman too but thats not a standard option you must add it…using several mirror’s to boost the downloading, but iplenitation of pamac is bad

I think the default number is 4 when you download it now.

Personally I only have problems updating with pamac. Install and build function great which is why for updates I use EOS default kalu. Pamac is handy to find packages and it themes well.

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Absolutely true. Since I told Pamac to only use one download feed instead of 4, it’s behaved very well. And, honestly, I think it goes faster this way, too. But, I don’t know that for sure. Kalu is great for the System Updates, too! I’m very impressed with it!

Since Kalu i’m never going back! Love it. I boot up and it just has the updates and i install and what i like about it is you can look at what’s there and get a mental note before you install. It’s great. With pamac it works fine if you have 0 or 1 entry for concurrent downloads. I don’t know what has changed in the newer version as i never had an issue with it before. Now it just wants to loop. I still use it but less and less each day as i find other ways to do things.