Pamac gui keeps freezing

When installing packages pamac frequently freezes.
I have tried pamac-all, pamac-aur and pamac-aur-git as well as build directly from the source on GIT and all of them keep freezing frequently until I have to manually kill the process.
With AND without snap and flatpak support added and also with AND without Pacman-Mirrors installed.

I’m aware I can use the terminal but I like a GUI to at the very least browse through available software and I’m set on using a GUI (hence why this is an important issue TO ME personally).
On other arch based distros (not Manjaro) it works properly and doesn’t freeze once built the same way.
Any way to fix this?

I think if you open Pamac and go into preferences a set maximum parallel downloads to zero your problem will be solved.

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Nope, still happening.
With all versions.
Ugh screw this, I’m going back to Manjaro or SUSE where things just work

I don’t have any problem with it. Never have.

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So, good bye.



If everything fails then there is some issue

Off topic tip

Try to use Btrfs for quick snapshots , it seems you have some bad luck :grin:


glibc is updated, so rebuild pamac…

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I would never use Pamac as a tool to update, use a terminal or a tty, only use it as a search or an update notifier.

Probably why its not in the main repos and the fact it supports the AUR which arch does not support!?


Can’t say i have had many issues with Pamac but then again that’s because we have @FredBezies on our side.


Well I tried it on 3 different computers (2 of my laptops and my desktop PC) and Pamac freezes from time to time on all 3, so it ain’t a configuration or PC issue. And that was with a full wipe and starting fresh.

Also the guy who mentioned above to use terminal for installing packages. No. Just no. I already said I don’t like using terminal. Why use a terminal when I can use a GUI and get the same results (shitty app bugs excluded)?
And that ain’t the 1st issue i’ve encountered on EndeavourOS. I’ve filed a couple bug reports already about other things such as wireless keyboard not working initially, wireless mouse not working properly.

As I stated I have been using openSUSE again and as it’s not terminal-centric, it’s sooooo much better and NO minor or major bugs. Plus I can still use the Pacman repo and Dolphin as root is included by default, and YasT package manager is awesome. And on top of that I can still convert and install some AUR packages into RPM format.

To finalise, there is no reason why EndeavourOS should have all these bugs in a stable release - especially on important things like wireless mouse and keyboard.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Arch and I really love EndeavourOS…but I disagree with the FULL terminal-centric approach/view that has been taken and yes I know Arch is usually terminal-centric…but doesn’t mean ALL Arch based distros should be and doesn’t mean everyone wants to use a terminal - it’s partly why Manjaro has been so popular for a while, because it provides users with the option (and by default) to use an installed GUI, and fits the likes for new AND experienced users. Pamac has not frozen for me on Manjaro during these tests.
During the installer, it should provide an option to install Pamac. Options are good. It can still then be terminal-centric for the ones that want it to be…or it can have a GUI for the ones that want it.
I would happily go back to using EndeavourOS IF and WHEN the Pamac issue for me is fixed, but no one has really said anything useful for me to fix it.

Thats reason endeavouros dont bring it its not ours and you have to take it from our because we are not in control over pamac. Tkpacman is oldie but stable and repo only.

Pacman is stable but as some issues proper feedback is also fine :+1:

Pamac is manjaro in manjaro stable is stable in manjaro u’stable probably got isues

Free to choose anyway​:+1:

I will try TKPacman now, thank you. I will report back with the results.

It doesn’t do what I want it to do lmao.
I also want to be able to search for AUR packages via a GUI if I’m going to be using Arch
Also it looks like something designed from the 90s and in fact whoever designed that app should be ashamed of themselves if I must say so :joy: :yum:

Have you considered other Arch-based distros that are less terminal-centric and more GUI-friendly.
It looks like EnOS might not be the proper choice for you.


Recommend me some then? Other than Manjaro

Arcolinux comes with Pamac preinstalled and you can install many more apps already from the installer (Calamares) when you install your system. Other than that you need perhaps to do some research on your own.

Here is a list from ArchWiki:

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Haha I already previously did research. ArcoLinux is ranked 19th on Distrowatch.
That’s out of the top 15. So eww.
But thanks.
I’m happy with openSUSE atm

Happy linuxing then with openSUSE!

:rocket: :milky_way:

Farewell friend on the internet.
I love you just remember that

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