Pamac - doesn't work properly anymore

pamac 10.0.2-1

I have been using pamac-aur for a while … after a few updates it seems no longer work with EOS anymore, package updates are only shown after manually refresh the databases in pamac (with sudo password)
can someone confirm that issue and is there a solution to be able to use pamac together with EOS?

Operating System: EndeavourOS
KDE Plasma Version: 5.20.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.77.0
Qt Version: 5.15.2
Kernel Version: 5.9.14-zen1-1-zen
OS Type: 64-bit
Processors: 8 × AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor
Memory: 15.6 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: GeForce GT 630/PCIe/SSE2

I didn t quite understand the issue. You mean pamac-tray doesn t show up at all or it doesn t turn red to notify you of new updates? FYI, mine works like a charm under plasma.
The only thing I don t like is that since they dropped their own hone-built appindicator, you can t see the number of pending updates when you place the cursor over the tray icon, anymore.
I had to refresh the data bases manually at first, though, but just & only once.

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as far as I know pamac-tray is no longer available … the issue here is when EOS shows updates available and I open pamac it shows a refresh button only and if I ckick refresh the updates are not shown in pamac until I update the pamac databases in settings

can you make a capture thank you

it just shows that no updates are available and the refresh button, if I click refresh it has no effect. I have to update the databases every time in Pamac under settings before new updates are displayed in the update area.

if you have already updated your computer at startup, maybe there is no other update.

no, EOS shows there are updates available and I’m able to update via terminal, the updates are just ignored by pamac …


you can do your upgrade with welcome and it works very well even for AUR.

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yes I know that, if pamac does no longer work with EOS I can remove it …

As I said before, I only had to refresh data bases once, after I first launched the new version of pamac & I had no issues thereafter with refreshing them again.
yes, pamac-appindicator was dropped but it was replaced by archlinux-appsteam-data-pamac.
So, you can still have the ability to turn the indicator on, in your panel. All you have to do is open your system settings -> startup & shutdown, add pamac-tray & reboot.


thanks, so I remove everything from pamac and all configs and then install via

yay -S pamac-aur archlinux-appsteam-data-pamac


Wait for me to see. I think ** pamac-aur archlinux-appsteam-data-pamac** is already included in the build.


Yes, it is already included. :+1:


Didnt had pamac a service of systemd that runs at boot to run database?

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it seems to have a service … I can start pamac-tray from terminal and it’s shown in my taskbar afterwards but how to enable the tray service?
If I use it in KDE autostart I get:

systemd-coredump[1851]: Process 1733 (pamac-tray) of user 1000 dumped core.
                                                 Stack trace of thread 1733:
                                                 #0  0x00007f710d054294 g_log_writer_default ( + 0x5c294)
                                                 #1  0x00007f710d051ae9 g_log_structured_array ( + 0x59ae9)
                                                 #2  0x00007f710d052041 g_log_structured_standard ( + 0x5a041)
                                                 #3  0x00007f710cab9577 n/a ( + 0x91577)
                                                 #4  0x00007f710c39ba3b _XError ( + 0x43a3b)
                                                 #5  0x00007f710c3986b8 n/a ( + 0x406b8)
                                                 #6  0x00007f710c398755 n/a ( + 0x40755)
                                                 #7  0x00007f710c3991aa _XEventsQueued ( + 0x411aa)
                                                 #8  0x00007f710c38aa52 XPending ( + 0x32a52)
                                                 #9  0x00007f710cab4e40 n/a ( + 0x8ce40)
                                                 #10 0x00007f710d04a63f g_main_context_prepare ( + 0x5263f)
                                                 #11 0x00007f710d09e7b6 n/a ( + 0xa67b6)
                                                 #12 0x00007f710d0492b1 g_main_context_iteration ( + 0x512b1)
                                                 #13 0x00007f710d254d1e g_application_run ( + 0xccd1e)
                                                 #14 0x0000557b3dbe763b _vala_main (pamac-tray + 0x363b)
                                                 #15 0x00007f710ce40152 __libc_start_main ( + 0x28152)
                                                 #16 0x0000557b3dbe605e _start (pamac-tray + 0x205e)
                                                 Stack trace of thread 1735:
                                                 #0  0x00007f710cf0d46f __poll ( + 0xf546f)
                                                 #1  0x00007f710d09e93f n/a ( + 0xa693f)
                                                 #2  0x00007f710d049fd3 g_main_loop_run ( + 0x51fd3)
                                                 #3  0x00007f710d289fe8 n/a ( + 0x101fe8)
                                                 #4  0x00007f710d077ec1 n/a ( + 0x7fec1)
                                                 #5  0x00007f710cb313e9 start_thread ( + 0x93e9)
                                                 #6  0x00007f710cf18293 __clone ( + 0x100293)
                                                 Stack trace of thread 1734:
                                                 #0  0x00007f710cf0d46f __poll ( + 0xf546f)
                                                 #1  0x00007f710d09e93f n/a ( + 0xa693f)
                                                 #2  0x00007f710d0492b1 g_main_context_iteration ( + 0x512b1)
                                                 #3  0x00007f710d049302 n/a ( + 0x51302)
                                                 #4  0x00007f710d077ec1 n/a ( + 0x7fec1)
                                                 #5  0x00007f710cb313e9 start_thread ( + 0x93e9)
                                                 #6  0x00007f710cf18293 __clone ( + 0x100293)
                                                 Stack trace of thread 1785:
                                                 #0  0x00007f710cf0d46f __poll ( + 0xf546f)
                                                 #1  0x00007f7102943654 n/a ( + 0x33654)
                                                 #2  0x00007f710292c9a9 pa_mainloop_poll ( + 0x1c9a9)
                                                 #3  0x00007f7102937281 pa_mainloop_iterate ( + 0x27281)
                                                 #4  0x00007f7102937331 pa_mainloop_run ( + 0x27331)
                                                 #5  0x00007f71029477fe n/a ( + 0x377fe)
                                                 #6  0x00007f71028de5fc n/a ( + 0x565fc)
                                                 #7  0x00007f710cb313e9 start_thread ( + 0x93e9)
                                                 #8  0x00007f710cf18293 __clone ( + 0x100293)

Pamac-aur-git of @FredBezies has also pamac-aur-tray-appindicator-git but i dont know much about pamac and kde


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tray-appindicator was removed during pamac 10 development. So I removed it too.


Oh didnt know

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yep, pamac-tray-appindicator got removed. There is a replacement for it called pamac-tray-icon-plasma
but not available yet in arch sources

For kde there is a extention also for gnome’ a pacman update indicator