Pamac-all with yay problem(s)

Hello Everyone, I can’t install Pamac-all package with the “yay” command.
The terminal just ends with : error : A Failure occurred in build()

Can you guys help me please?

Edit : I’ve used endeavourOS before, the older model ( i think from 2021 ), and when i install pamac-all with yay, it’s working flawlessly. But now, i’m using the latest release (Artemis) and suddenly, pamac-all installation with yay just messed up.

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It was flagged out of date back in April. You can put in another help request about it if you’d like. My suggestion would be to not use pamac-anything at all. You can search the forum about it, it’s been entensively discussed why one would not want to use it.

If you do though - let them know (again) there’s an issue.-

If you do want to use pamac my suggestion would be to use this one:

It’s the only one maintained by FredBezies and he’s the big creator for the program. If one of them is likely going to work, and work fairly well this would be the one to use.


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EndeavourOS is a rolling distro. It doesn’t matter from which ISO you install it, if you keep it updated, it will be the same. It’s not like 'Buntu or Mint. The name “Artemis” applies only to the ISO image, not to the installed system (which doesn’t really have a version, it just keeps rolling).

The problem is what @fbodymechanic said (please mark his reply as the solution): pamac-all is an out-of-date package and the maintainer seems to have abandoned it, that’s why you can’t install it. It doesn’t matter which ISO release you’ve used to install EndeavourOS. If the maintainer updates it, or someone else takes over its maintenance, then you’ll be able to install it. Alternatively, you can download the PKGBUILD file (and the source code, if necessary) yourself and fix it so that it builds, if you know how, but since you’re asking this question here, I presume that’s not an option. Or you can use pamac-aur-git, if you really must…

But I would echo the advice: don’t use Pamac, it’s rubbish. It’s designed specifically for Manjaro, and even there it’s not very good.

Besides, EndeavourOS is a terminal centric distro:

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The build-error is extensively discussed here, and some work-arounds are given. The best option would be to follow @fbodymechanic’s advices.

Welcome to the forum @endeavour2009 :enos_flag:

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As a long time Archlinux user (since 2009), I appreciate to have pamac to help me notifying new updates or clean orphan package.

I do not create the program, I just provided it with some depends for people wanting to use pamac-aur, but following the development branch, not the stable one, even if pamac is now so stable and powerful you can hardly find differences between stable and development branch.

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For sure - Understood. I am aware there’s some folks who have an interest in it. There are folks who want to do all sorts of things I would never recommend. That doesn’t change my view on it. I would absolutely never willingly suggest anyone use pamac-anything ever. But I support everyone to choose as long as they aren’t doing it at the expense of others. Dogma is my greatest fear for the world.

That being said, there are folks who want it. I know you do work on it, and thus my suggestion for that particular package. So while I recommend not using it, if I were to absolutely have to suggest a pamac to use → yours is it. At the end of the day, the least worst choice is still the best. And for that best choice, pamac-aur-git is it.

I’ll leave it at that, I don’t want to clog up a help thread that has no business turning into an offtopic thread. I think there’s enough here for the OP.

Good luck @endeavour2009


I always encourage using the terminal first more than anything, especially on an Arch-based distro that sometimes will show messages, warnings, or errors that in some cases will only show up within the terminal. Pamac doesn’t display all these, e.g. Pamac won’t display when there is a .pacnew or .pacsave file to deal with, so that’s something you’ll have to manually deal with on your own if you remember. Not properly managing these .pacsave/new files will lead to issues if left forgotten.

There is pacseek-bin and pacfinder that are neat alternatives to Pamac. pacseek is a CLI for exploring the Arch repos/AUR and pacfinder is a GUI for searching just the Arch/EndeavourOS repos.

With all that said, if you use Gnome (or any other GTK type distro really), I could suggest using pamac-aur but I’d use it only for searching and finding out more info about packages, I wouldn’t use it to install/remove/update your system. You can use pamac-aur for those things and more than likely ~90% of the time things will work just fine, but over the years a lot of users have come across issues that you just would not get if you just used a terminal instead.

If you enjoy random chaos, by all means use pamac but EndeavourOS is a terminal-centric distro, so the more time you invest in that, the better equipped you’ll be to handle things.



Unless you’ve just updated, there are always new updates. The update notifier is about as useful as a message saying that water is wet. And removing orphan packages, don’t you know how to do that from the terminal? It’s not like you need to do it every day… or every month, for that matter.

Also, there is eos-update-notifier. It is about as useful as pamac (and a chocolate teapot), but it’s much better because it’s not nearly as bloated and the chances it will DDoS the AUR are negligible :rofl:


Why not?

Update notifier - the one from eos or pamac one - is useful to know when to launch a sudo pacman -Syyu.

Removing orphan ? sudo pacman -Rcs $(pacman -Qdqt)

Pamac, bloated?

$ pacman -Qi pamac-aur-git | grep Installed Installed Size : 765,40 KiB

What a bloat :slight_smile:

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Wait. You do -Syyu every time you get an update notification?!! Does pamac do that too!?

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I know, a single y is useful 95% of the time. Just a bad habit taken through the year of using Archlinux.

What do you appreciate about it?

How is that useful? Especially given the fact that there are always updates available. Just update whenever you want. How does the fact that pamac tells you that there are updates available (something which it tells you all the time) influence your decision to update or not?

I mean, on Manjaro, it kinda makes sense, since updates come every month or so. But on Arch…

Genuine curiosity and disagreement is not division. The hivemindedness you advocate for is detrimental to any “community”. It is disagreement and discussion that yields positive change in people’s minds, especially when done in a friendly manner like between @FredBezies and myself.

Your passive-aggressive scolding and fingerwagging is not only misplaced and annoying, but also detrimental to this conversation. Unless you have something relevant to add, regarding update notifications, frequency of updates, stay out of this.


The less I have time to live on this planet, the more I become convinced that there are 10 sort of people:
Those who get a joke.
Those who don’t.

You didn’t already in the thread I linked to.

If you think my post is out-of-place, you are perfectly entitled to flag it for moderation.

Have a humorous day!

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If I were less charitable, I would think that it is you who is trying to sow division, but I shall give you the benefit of Hanlon’s razor.

“It was only a joke, guys, I’m kidding”, yeah I’m not buying that one, I’m not that charitable.

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You are perfectly entitled to your perception of the world in your own personal bubble.

That wouldn’t necessary mean that it has any correspondence to reality and even less so to the intention of a sender of a message in a written form on a forum.

Yet again, to my mind:

and again if you really are convinced that my intention is to be:

and also:

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And finally:

It is up to me to stay in or out of anything.

If I have broken a forum rule, flag my post to be removed!

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Yeah, keep believing to believe in what you believe!


Now, if we could get back to the topic, let me repeat:

What do you appreciate about it?

How is that useful? Especially given the fact that there are always updates available. Just update whenever you want. How does the fact that pamac tells you that there are updates available (something which it tells you all the time) influence your decision to update or not?

I mean, on Manjaro (the distro for which Pamac was created) it kinda makes sense, since updates come every month or so. But on Arch…

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