OS freezing up

hi every one i was wondering we’re i can find the logs that can tell me why my pc is freezing up so i can post for some help thanks

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I think this might help :slight_smile:


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Hi @kcmccombs

It happened with me when I was new to EndeavourOS. Baloo was taking lots of resources and made my system unusable.

What is your file system? BTRFS or EXT4? What desktop?
Are you using Baloo?

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Using gnome no baloo installed only have a few things installed I am trying to make this distribution work so I can stop all the hopping lol it freezes just setting over night and I have had to do it to me once while using I have noticed some of my apps i installed are not working either so I am not sure thanks for the reply

My experience, I have installed it on 2 really old laptops, like 10 years old with only 4 GB of RAM and both worked without a problem.

When you were installing did you just follow the defaults?
Did you change anything in the configuration or installation after you installed?
Well, try updating the system and reboot.
If you have lots of files to be indexed it may take some time.

Just run yay to update.
Maybe post the output of inxi -Fxxx, it may help us know about your system.
What apps you installed and not working?
How did you install them?

Ok when I get home I will post. Memory shouldn’t be a issue I am running on i7 16 gig memory dual booting but on separate hdd thanks again

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That’s really enough.
I hope I can help, or someone more experienced can help. But in any case we need answers and data as per my post.

For got to answer some of the questions normal default install and some apps through the terminal and installed Pac-Man gui and installed some I would like to start over with the whole install and just reach back out to you either way good or bad I am no Linux guru. A lot of watching other people I have mostly been between Debian base and windows want to try arch this seem like the best option so some questions or statements may be dumb but really like to get away from windows thanks

Maybe a good idea.

Neither me. I am just a user.

It is absolutely the best option ( I have distrohopped for a year, Arch is the best and EndeavourOS is the best of the best)

I believe the Linux culture knows nothing as dub questions. Even in life, no question is dumb. It just means you want to learn and know.

I personally believe this is the right thing to do. I have been in Linux since 2000 and on Linux only since 2003, I never looked back, I never been satisfied more.

Again, inxi -Fxxx is important so our friends here can help.
Just curious, is your graphic card Nvidia? As far as I read here sometimes it needs special treatment to work fine.

Yes nvidia 3080

Ok back up and running install on different hdd so far everything is good. Another question I have. do you do any gaming I am trying to get Ubisoft connect to work trying to play a game off of steam thanks

As I said I am no expert or techie by any means. But as I said I know that sometimes Nvidia does not play well! Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me can come and help.

Good news! I am sure you will enjoy.

Sorry, not at all!

NP can you recommend a good video card

Well, I honestly do not want to recommend anything, say yes or no for anything. It is all up to you.

I stress again I am no expert by any means. All what I can do is share what I think and my personal points of view. Then it is up to you to decide.

So, If your latest installation is running OK on your NVIDIA card then it is OK, you do not really need to replace it. Is it working OK now?

Personally, when I buy a laptop I do my best to be sure it has Intel Graphics card not NVIDIA to avoid going into any issues and avoid to struggle to do something a bit techie for me.

But are you working on a laptop or a desktop? I am not sure you can replace the graphics card if it is a laptop.

Anyway, if it is working OK with you now then no need to replace it.

I am on desktop and like I was saying so far everything is working. I was just wondering if you prefer one name brand of video card over others or what has more support thanks

1- If it is working then you should not bother (but up to you of course)
2- I think Intel graphics cards are better supported (in case you upgrade or insist to change).

I would suggest reading a bit about NVIDIA here as I do not have experience with it. I only have general information from what I read here.

We’re is here. Thanks

Generally, avoid Nvidia and stick to AMD or Intel for video gpu’s. That being said, lots of people put up with Nvidia drivers and the nonsense for the performance of those Nvidia cards. I don’t have the patience and stick to manufacturers that cause fewer problems. :rofl:

I have a 3080 as well and I don’t experience any freezing. I’m using KDE though. Do you notice anything hogging resources in say htop or gnome system monitor when these freezes occur?

ok froze up again where can i get the logs from to post for help thanks