Orwell's wallet

Looks like we are being bent over with no vaseline


… and people were worried about the data collection and tracking done by Google and Microsoft???


All part of tthe WEF’s 2030 agenda to have you owning nothing by 2030. The Chinese style Social Credit system is integral to this. It was all forecast in Revelations 13 by John.



mmmm “zee bugs” is much tasty :pinched_fingers:


We are eScrewed!

say it as actually is in China - 100% total surveillance in Xinjiang region for a number of years now, rapidly being rolled out to the rest of the country and the greatest social engineering experiment ever conceived. Scary days, and many many very dark nights to come.


Not sure what China has to do in this thread. Please, stop playing their game by pointing fingers at the “other” bad guys.

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That it not true

China does have something to do with the subject.

I only feel sorry for the people who always uncritically cheer everything that the globalists have shouted out.


This persistent and unique identifier for all European citizens

Not sure about the rest of EU but we already have this in CZ for over 80 years. Fun things can happen if you get the same unique number as someone else (alter all it managed by the goverment :sweat_smile:).
It is as meaningless as name, age or adress that you put on every document. If you want to enter some legal binding contract (buy a house, have a bank account, marry, …) you have to identify yourself. This is just another unique way how to say it is you. Can it be misused? Probably yes but in the same way as someone can misuse your name, date of birth or phone number or whatever other personal information.

The problem I see is forcing some untrusted software (app) onto everyone. Especially since we have very (I mean very very very) bad experience with the technical level of every goverment contract regarding any software platform - as the ‘S’ and ‘Q’ in the words GOVERNMENT CONTRACT stands for security and quality :rofl:.

correlation =/= causation? Like, how exactly do you expect them to control this? I dont see any indication that they personally are some shadowy organisation in the background doing this. Thousands of actors profit from this. Different actors can have converging interests without there being some “head” controlling it all.

And who exactly would those people be? Who are the globalists and who is cheering their stuff?

The reason im commenting both those replies is, that neither offers actual tracing of cause and effect or even insight into any structure. They both just allude to shadowy, somehow unified actors in the background that apparently control this change. Thats not helpful thinking and at best leads to unfounded conspiracy theories (im using this term neutral right now, not as a judgement or to delegitimize your points).


You only confirm my statement …

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What does that mean? I disagree with you, therefore i must be a part of the conspiracy?

Edit: just to make sure, I’m obviously against this. I’m far from the tech-savy people i often see here on the forum, my reasons for using Linux are strongly influenced by my interest in privacy from both government and corporations. But if we talk about political topics, we should make sure to think in a coherent political way. Im sorry if my criticism sounded a bit harsher than i intended.


No need to fight amongst each other, we all want the same thing here…freedom! That’s why we use FOSS.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


In fact, in the 90’s and 00’s, I militated against globalization, knowing that all the delocalization and deregulation would create dangerous imbalances around the world.

But today, now that every trade deal are sealed and tariffs are banned around the world, I agree i would qualify myself as a globalist. You can not have a global market without a global authority to regulate it.

Anyways, I’m OT and against the rules

In the Lounge area, you can discuss anything… as long as it isn’t…political.

I would be careful. That might not necessarily be the case.

And we have fortunately all the same idea about what it is :wink: :sweat_smile:

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We’ll figure that out once the enemy is defeated and the dust has settled.

True, though surely we can all agree that freedom is not the sick world that the linked article describes.

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Stick with this. Please :hugs:

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Much easier perhaps to say what it is not. Trying to say what it is get us into all sort of troubles :wink:

Well, don’t you think we have all played a part to get here where we are?

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who is the enemy ? :upside_down_face:

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