Openbox Community Edition Install

I think all the github files in EndeavourOS-Community-Editions have been updated.

@thefrog @TheLinuxITGuy @sammiev and anyone else who wants to test this as such

1. Boot from the current Galileo ISO
  1a. ARM devices, Use method 3 to download proper ddimg image & burn to uSD
2. Select "No desktop" during the Calamares install.
3. After install, boot
4. switch to TTY3 (Ctrl-Alt-F3)
5. Login and run:
   git clone
   cd openbox
   ./  (see if this is executable, if not "chmod 755")
6. Reboot and login via lightdm
7. Remove the openbox folder in your home directory.

Hopefully testing will be successful, If not let me know.

At this point this should leave the duplicate icons in the tint2 panel as the only known problems.
Firewall Audio and two welcome window after a bootup.