Openbox Autostart not working

Edit: It seems to working fine now when I place the same thing in /etc/exg/openbox/autostart so I’m now I’m very confused

So I’m running openbox alongside instantWM on the same user. For some reason openbox isn’t listening to it’s autostart file but instantWM is. Internet works fine for some reason and picom launches. Picom and redshift and pcloud exist both in the InstantWM autostart which is stored the same way an openbox autostart would be. (in .config…). Picom launches fine for some reason and so does pluseaudio so now I’m curious if i’ve written something wrong

# These things are run when an Openbox X Session is started.
# You may place a similar script in $HOME/.config/openbox/autostart
# to run user-specific things.
# ---
source $HOME/.owl4ce_var

# Start pulseaudio if not started automatically
pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog &

# UI Appearance
bash -c "$VISMOD_DIR/mode-toggle startup"

# Compositor
picom --experimental-backends

# Authentication Agent - PolicyKit
lxpolkit &

# Power Manager
#xfce4-power-manager &

# Sessions Autolock
xautolock -time $AUTOLOCK_MINUTE -locker "$($DEFAPPS_EXEC -g lockscreen)" -detectsleep &

# Others
# Below will autostart mpd
bash -c "$MPD_TCD"

redshift &

##Cloud Storage
/home/aryan/Apps/pcloud &

I’ve read online and things say that openbox doesn’t look at it’s autostart file unless launched as openbox-session but I’m not sure what this does or how to do it.

# instantOS autostart script
# This script gets executed when aryan logs in
# Add & (a literal) ampersand to the end of a line to make it run in the background

/home/aryan/Apps/pcloud &

redshift &

Thats my instantWM autostart file.

It works fine on InstantWM when I log in

remember to add the ampersand (&) terminating the lines or otherwise it will halt at the line not including &

A local ~/.config/openbox/autostart always override system autostart