Openbox Autostart file and ampersands

Instead of trying to breath new life into a year old conversation:

Openbox Autostart not working

I’ve started a new, but similar one.

I noticed the dex line in my ~/.config/openbox/autostat file from the community edition does not have an ampersand at the end. Is an ampersand something that dex does not need in this context or is just a minor oversight?

# compositor - background process + disable shadowing effects during session
#picom -CGb &
picom --experimental-backends --vsync &

# notifications
/usr/bin/dunst &

# panel - taskbar, system tray, battery, clock
tint2 &

# network manager
nm-applet &

# Autostart
dex -a -s /etc/xdg/autostart/:~/.config/autostart/  

# Set display from arandr saved script
sh ~/.screenlayout/ &

# Polkit
/usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &

# Wallpaper
nitrogen --restore &

# Low battery notifier
~/.config/openbox/scripts/ &

My bad; Should have an ampersand at end.




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