Open source GUI-based remote desktop package?

Can someone suggest a good open source remote desktop software. VNC and TigerVNC were too complex for me, so I need something GUI-based. Do I have many options or do I have to go to the commercial products?

I don’t use remote desktop myself but here are a couple of options you might want to have a look at:

It depends what you are trying to do exactly. There are solutions like chrome-remote-desktop and gnome-remote-desktop.

The easiest solution I have found is nomachine, but it has a commercial license.

Give a developer access to my :enos: and then I log into the VPS giving them sudo root access while they solve the issue, and of course I can see what they are doing.

Does that sound like a good way to go?

Is there a reason you don’t use it?

Thanks for the suggestion. I will wait on @dalto since he asked a very pertinent question. In the meantime let me ask, why

Simply because I don’t have any use case for such.

For something like that where you don’t want access to be available all the time I would see if chrome remote desktop works for you.

You also need something that is standard enough that the person on the other end will have access to it.

Oh, to know enough to be able to fix anything without needing outside help :nerd_face:
ok, let me try you on this issue then. I have CrowdSec on a Debian 11 VPS. The crowdsec-firewall-bouncer keeps exiting upon restart. It has never worked. I have reinstalled crowdsec and the bouncer but it refuses to start. I susspect iptables, but I want someone from CrowdSec to check it for me. Is that a good use case?

The closest thing to Google I use is Ungoogled Chromium. The support people use Ubuntu.

I don’t know what you want me to say. If you have a use case for such a piece of software, by all means, go ahead and find one suitable and use it.

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The problem is that to do what you are trying to do in a secure way, really needs a server component.

You don’t want to poke holes in your firewall to allow a bunch of sharing ports.

Anything with a hosted server component has a higher chance of either being commercial or at least being hosted by a commercial entity.

There are solutions like rustdesk that can be self-hosted but then you need to host an instance yourself and that isn’t really push-button “easy”.

If you want “easy”, use something like Zoom but, of course, that is commercial. jitsi used to support remote control but it was removed due to security problems with the implementation.

Friendly reminder:



I may have t use what is popular like Teamviewer since it does use a server component and only uses generally unblocked incoming ports 80 and 443. I will mark the one above as a solution for future seekers. Thanks @dalto as always, and thanks @pebcak for the input.

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