Open Source Contributions in Linux

Hello to the entire endeavouros community and thank you for the voyage in linux and open source so far. due to the fact that I am not active to much will write short about me, I am software engineer working in the field of airspace, drones and sat tech private non gov, my team is based in europe. I use macos for my business related activities and windows 7 for gaming and I am Linux Enthusiast, the endeavouros and the community here helped me to learn a lot about arch and I managed to install arch, still have my home pc on endeavouros and migrated one pc at the office in our brake room for gaming.

My question is what is the best way that someone who can code can contribute to Linux and open source, if I develop an app or desktop environment or modified DE, what is the best way to share it.

  1. since as I software engineer I am familiar with software versioning or version control software, what is the best for Open Source: GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, SourceForge, Launchpad, Google Cloud Source Repositories, AWS CodeCommit, Phabricator, Gogs, Gitea, Apache Allura, RedHat Pagure. I really don’t know what to choose, I have only used local git for work related files no cloud service.

  2. how do you develop apps to work across many DEs without loss of themes: GNOME, KDE, XFCE.

  3. do development rules and guides exist in regards to writing code and comments and documentation.

  4. is their a centrilized Linux Market where someone can promote their app I could find only flatpaks and appimages and snaps that work as a general apps for multiple platforms and ElectronJS as a multi operating system solution, probably best option for me is ElectronJS because of my MacOS.

  5. over this weekend will read about Linux and Arch Linux and endeavouros since I plan to present the Linux option on my upcoming corp board meeting and get corporate and business wide support for it:

  • I have a lot of people at my office and many engineers SEs and DevOps at businesse we work with that are interested in Linux and after joining here and arch forums I found many friends from the office and open minded friends.

  • a lot of open source tech exist for drones and sat tech, we can easily recode it in electron js and make it work on any Linux with maybe adding spans, flatpaks, appimages later on for easier install.

  • we can write manuals for ex mac users or at least point them where to read stuff and get familiar.

  • their are many great and stable arch based linux distribituions including endeavouros, I will not propose we make another one, more interesting will be to make a macos desktop clone in linux, new desktop environment based on xfce, that will belong term, short term goal modified configs for exiting DEs.

  • ability to use Xcode in Linux is also a great option for MacOS devs

  1. I have read this post
    Helping out with EOS
    I have an idea for an useful app build with electron to map the files in a PC for faster search and indexing of files, search and indexing tool with d3js view of data with #code data in each folder the #code metadata will be used for people to find faster what they need in a large collection.
    this is probably done before but will be more of a test project for me to build it in Linux.

  2. I will make sure to mention to everyone at the office that Linux is a community and it is important to contribute monetary or time. Drones and Sat Tech open source software will be great for Linux. I personally am familiar with pro bono and volunteering and have done it before IEEE,AAAS, PMI, RedCross and now Linux is my project that I am passionate about and want to donate my time at.

any comments or suggestions on the topic are welcome, have in mind that I am a macos user since 1990s I guess most of this questions are familiar for someone in the Linux or Arch Linux world.

For me endeavouros and the community has been a inspiration and mind opening journey.


If you want to do something
What you think linux is lacking

And it should be something that you truly want.

Even if it already exist,there should be something that you want and that isn’t there.
Or is not satisfactory

This is how things proceed in linux
Everything is made for one purpose that is it should be useful for me.


What are the drones armed with? :wink:
Where are they stationed, you can see by my flag why I care.

I would say gitlab but then there are some who say something else :slight_smile:
so you have to see for yourself what you like.

I don’t like win, mac or its interface but under Linux everybody can do what he wants.

Or me :slight_smile:


Something along the lines of:

Make the source code publiclly accessible (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, etc.), and package it for the AUR (for Arch), a PPA (for Ubuntu), and the OBS (for SUSE).


I can speak only in broad strokes:
There are bunch of different philosophies, when it come to code style, guides etc…

But in general usually people really value UNIX philosophy approach, KISS principle and even suckless as an absolute of those ideas :slight_smile:

Effective, modular, performant code.
Extensible and readable (in case it needs to be shared with huge amount of people and it’s big project)

But when it comes to heavier GUI stuff, you need to see GNOME / KDE guides or something like that, they have their best practices to keep huge projects in line which is not easy task…

Not all of them are loved universally, but to each - their own! :slight_smile:

And of course always go open-source! :penguin: :frog:


GitHub and GitLab are most popular places for open source projects to be hosted.

The two main toolkits are QT and GTK. QT is far more popular for cross platform applications.

There is no additional rules/expectations. Just what you’d be accustomed to in the professional space.

No, Linux is very decentralized. You generally have to package your application for each of the major distributions or otherwise use something like flatpak or snaps or what have you.

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Your questions seem very general in nature. However, in this context, there are several non-exclusive options you might want to consider:

  • For a wider range of Linux users, create an account into GitHub, GitLab, etc. and add your contribution there. Then distros can evaluate it and maybe include it. By the way, EndeavourOS is using GitHub (
  • For Arch based distros, AUR ( is the place where contributions could/should be added.
  • You can also create a local Arch-like repository on your machine. It can be used like any Arch-like repository in the internet. It is useful e.g. for testing.

You just need to select the tool(s) and framework(s) you want to use. Practically any of them are (more or less) supported under Linux.


thank you to everyone for your input comments and suggestions will consider them all.

Like I said NON GOV, the company I work for has nothing to do with gov tech or related fields, we work in for the private sector and I don’t fell comfortable due to privacy and corporate policy to disclose more information about it on a public forum, to protect my business and this community as well.

I do believe in world peace and I identify as European and Citizen of Earth, religion or country aside we should all be united in the efforts to make the world a better place for the generations after us. IF their was a flag of United Nations I would have probably select that over the European Union Flag.


Yes that is the plan that is why I ask what software versioning or version control software to use.


I see their a lots of options for Open Source Licensing options under Linux.


Probably the good part about Linux being decentralized is the options for users to choose, unlike in Mac and Windows you get one operating system and one desktop environment and that is that.


Yes but Linux world in general is new to me and I am only familiar with Mac World.


Linux is lacking in general software for Drones and Satellite technology non gov public usage normally.

probably will stick to Arch, AUR and maybe flatpaks and appimages with github/gitlab or gitea.

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I have found many apps that do this, will probably try to add just the visual index or search indexer.

Okay, for clarification, it was a
behind the question.

More than satisfied with your explanation.
I had chosen the EU flag as well but with the German flag it is easier to see that I do not necessarily understand everything written in English :smiley: :slight_smile:


well I got inspired by this community here and motivated to make at last one useful app for sat and drone tech that work in Linux since at the moment non exist and maybe make a better DE in the future, in case a drone or satellite tech software exits for Linux I would be happy to be wrong and try it out.

Well I don’t speak German well, moved to Germany recently lived all around Europe Poland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, that is why I use European Flag. Israeli flag in my profile is heritage flag.
it is not really hard for people to guess from my surname I have Polish or Israeli roots I guess.

thank you to everyone for your input comments and suggestions, enjoy your Linux weekend


Where I come from, Berlin, your last name is nothing unusual :slight_smile:


Make Arch great again :slight_smile:

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I am not sure what this refers to, good quote about Arch Linux :slight_smile:


It is an private joke :smiley:

by a homemade avatar.


And Me … :laughing:

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