Online Accounts Empty - No Options

i can try reporting if not done already on arch packaging…


@joekamprad So, is this a Cinnamon issue or an Arch issue? I was considering filing a bug here: Cinnamon Issues

And this has less to do with accessing Google Drive than it does accessing any account options, does it not?

Its an arch packaging issue, Mint dropped support for goa upstream, but arch still packaging with it as the option.

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Alrighty then, thanks!. I’ll steer clear of filing a bug with Cinnamon. I’ve bookmarked your bug report. Many thanks for digging so deep into this!!

You need gnome-online-accounts-gtk in the AUR

It will not start from the icon in System Settings, but will be in the Applications Menu.

What has happened is that Gnome’s own version of Online Accounts now uses libadwaita as of v46. Linux Mint have created an alternative


It does start from the icon in System Settings. See images I posted. It’s just that account options are not present.

No, it’s the new gnome-online-accounts-gtk that does not start from System Settings. It does allow you to connect accounts however.


For the time being this should do the trick…


@r0ckhopper OK, I see. THANKS! Just installed. It appears in “other” in Applications Menu…

Still, seems that what @joekamprad has found is definitely worth pursuing. It shouldn’t come to searching the web and forums to get something to work that should just work. Perhaps the bug he’s filed will lead to a fix that won’t require a separate app being installed.

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Indeed, that will work for the time being. Again, I truly appreciate your looking into this.

exchange one with the other

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we all should go that path to report bugs and do some research if we find something is not working correctly, devs needs our help on that and also arch devs are short on time. And not that huge in numbers.


Unfortunately there’s going to be a few bumps along the way as Cinnamon, Budgie etc deal with the impact of Gnome’s apps switching to use libadwaita, as we discussed in the file-roller/engrampa thread.

I’d spotted GNOME Online Accounts GTK in the March update from Linux Mint -, and then found it in the AUR (it’s also in the Debian Sid and Ubuntu Noble repos now). However my :sloth: brain thought that the issue with System Settings was a Cinnamon issue that would be fixed in Cinnamon 6.2 in the summer. It hadn’t occurred to me that it was an Arch packaging issue, so thank you @joekamprad for raising it in Arch and getting it resolved :+1:


could take a while to resolve on arch…

Oh well, at least there’s a workaround. Might be that Cinnamon 6.2 fixes it anyway…

question is why the bootflag is still there if they do not support GOA anymore?
I see updated release already for cinnamon…

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I’m on my phone, and can’t view the changes :frowning_face:

looks like the commit is in


Yes, found it in the commits

So it will no longer be in System Settings, but as an application.

No need to wait for Arch then :smiley:


Looks like Online Accounts will be messy for a while in Cinnamon. Even with gnome-online-accounts-gtk, only a couple options work. Microsoft Personal (Outlook) and Google only show “sign in” option. Clicking it just closes the box and nothing happens.