One core of cpu always high usage

hi, in new installation of EOS(just before reinstalling OS, everything was fine), one of CPU cores always have high usage even in idle after turning on laptop and i feel my laptop got much slower + i have very low fps in games due to cpu usage. tbh have no idea how to trace issue or what log/outputs should i post here

htop screenshot:

Your screenshot application flameshot is using a lot of CPU according to your screenshot. Does it happen always?? Replacing that application might help you.

Also, your laptop is currently not idle, CPU is almost at 20%. At this CPU usage, just one core is used and others are idle to optimize power consumption.

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flameshot got like that just when i pressed hotkeys to take screenshot, so no its not hapenning always

also, i just rebooted laptop and let it sit for awhile, didnt open any applications etc.
here’s my i3 config

#exec --no-startup-id hsetroot -center ~/.wallpaper.png
#exec --no-startup-id xsettingsd &
exec --no-startup-id nm-applet &
#exec --no-startup-id picom -b --e --blur-method dual_kawase --blur-strength 7
exec --no-startup-id /usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &
#exec_always "feh --bg-scale ~/Pictures/wal_6.jpg"
exec_always "setxkbmap -layout us,ir"
exec_always "setxkbmap -option 'grp:alt_shift_toggle'"
#exec "./home/rootiens/cfw/cfw"
exec_always "xrandr --output DP-1-1 --right-of eDP-1-1 --auto"
exec_always "~/.config/polybar/ --forest"

There should be an app that uses CPU at idle, find out what that app is and why it is consuming CPU.

This is true for any OS and computer.

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htop doesnt show anything (according to my knowledge atleast)

anyway to trace and find that app?

I’m not sure, but I use btop instead of htop. If you post a screenshot, I can take a look.

Someone else might know other methods.

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ok let me reboot laptop since i’ve opened lots of applications right now and results might not be correct

idk if its worth mentioning or not
booted ISO from USB and took screenshot rightaway

Can you post a btop screenshot, it shows total CPU usage along with graphs, that makes it easier to interpret for me.
Install by using

sudo pacman -S btop
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there you go
right after logging in

also for anyone else if interested in htop

yes, this is definitely strange for sure, can you keep this on for 1-2 mins and then post the screenshot again? We can see the CPU graph and how it changes.

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in live iso? or my actual OS?

Your OS where you are posting screenshots from. Just keep btop running for 2-3 mins, it will show trends in form of graph.

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ok, i’ll reboot and run it again for better “raw” results

no need to reboot, just keep btop running for a while and post screenshot

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there you go, 4 min uptime
i rebooted so i test with minimal apps/services open as much as possible

so weird that i even have this in live ISO

Have you tried with LTS kernel?


no i havent tbh
right now using this : 5.17.5-arch1-1

dont know how i can load nvidia correctly on LTS kernel!

sudo pacman -Syu linux-lts linux-lts-headers nvidia-lts
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Then reboot & select LTS kernel from grub menu.

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still same