On xfce, if I hibernate twice, it will lock up the entire mouse and keyboard

I was originally having issues where the lockscreen would flicker similary to this post:

I removed xfce4-screensaver and installed light-locker

And after a reboot, I noticed an issue where after hibernating my PC the 2nd time, after when I unlock my PC, it would be a blank screen for about 10 seconds and then everything would show up however the entire mouse would lock up.

This doesn’t happen if I lock my PC multiple times, its only if you hibernate.

I am not too sure why this is happening and if there was a fix for this?

Edit: Temporarily I disabled this:

And that seems to fix the issue all though now it won’t lock when I wake up from hibernation.

edit: It seems to happen on simply locking the lock screen sometimes as well.

For now I am using i3lock but not too sure how do I get hibernation to trigger i3lock rather than the defualt lock?