How do I get i3lock to lock after I wake my PC from hibernation?

Using xfce, I setted this up:


However for some reason this fails to execute when I hibernate.


This is completely valid this command.

I believe I have to have this setting:

However this would use the light locker and as mentioned on my previous post I was having issues with light locker so I don’t want to use it.

How do I get i3lock to execute when I hibernate my PC?

Are you actually in i3? That looks like xfce. You should use xf4lock I believe it’s called on xfce.

If you’re in i3 and added xfce also you would need to set it up in your config file.

The GUI is going to assume you’re using xfce lock screen.

I am using xfce but I switched to i3lock as mentioned in the other post I was having issues. With my shortcuts and buttons it would trigger xf4lock but yeah I had issues so I had to move away quickly to i3lock as it would make the OS unsuable.

I want to know as soon as I hibernate how do I trigger i3lock?

Since there is a setting in xfce autostart, that sets the scope (hibernation), it should work :person_shrugging: , or xfce devs would know how to troubleshoot this.

OTOH, you might want to try xss-lock for this task, which is supposed to work on this exact case (proper session locking). Read man xss-lock (and included examples) for proper usage.
I haven’t practically used it myself, but I have read several articles about it.
When you find how it works properly, give feedback. I want to use it as well :wink: .

I would change the shortcuts for xf4lock.

I3 lock is really not designed to be used the way you are. I seriously doubt you can get it to do as you’re trying.

You seem to have a lot of issues, as they are very regular, almost all if which can be avoided if you use application as they were designed instead of forcing them to be things they aren’t.

Is xss-lock a replacement of i3lock?

If you read my posts, the post links to another post regarding flickering issues when people lock the screen. I changed eveyrthing around because xfce screwed something up with their lock.

No. You will appreciate the info in the man page of both xss-lock and xscreensaver, regarding session locking feature.

OTOH, you may use only one post to answer to several users, quoting each question you want to answer :wink:

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I don’t follow rabbit holes in help threads, all relevant info should be be present here.

That being said, i3 lock is aptly named. If you’re not using it on i3, you’re going to have a tough time. Xfce screen locker is what you’re going to have the best experience with. I would suggest fixing that.

Just because Ford makes a transmission that looks like the one in your Nissan doesn’t mean it’s going to fit without an incredible amount of work. It’s easier to fix your Ford transmission.

well that other post suggested to uninstall screensaver and use lightdm and when I ended up using lightdm I had other issues where it would lock up my mouse and everything.

I get you point and I did make a post about lightdm but nobody responded so I am literally forced to change the lock because it made everything unworkable.

I read your linked thread which sent me to ANOTHER thread, which has even more.

  1. When you reported the bug to the xfce gitlab, that did they say?

  2. No one ever told you to use i3 lock, that was something you came up with in the first linked post in the daisy chain. Someone told you to try light locker. I may have missed it because you sent me and everyone else on a search for info because nothing relevant is in this thread to help you. This isn’t MS support, no one has time to do all the hand holding and work for you. I’m sure someone can help if you’re willing to pay them.

  3. Others offered up a bunch of other things that had also worked. It’s obviously some sort of kernel regression. Do you run latest kernel? Was it still broken in lts? Hibernation being broken by an update isn’t unheard of.

And most importantly:

Literally no one forced you to change anything. That was and always is your choice. You are sudo. This is a classic xy problem you’re chasing. You’re well known for them at this point. I already told you you’re trying to run something that isn’t really designed to work, and then complaining it doesn’t work. There’s a chance people saw your help thread with like zero info, maybe followed the link once, probably not twice, went backpage, saw who posted it and that it was probably self inflicted damage and moved on instead of trying to help.

Please report the bug to the xfce team as suggested so they can fix it if you haven’t. Resort to a backup for now, use lts if it works, or live with the issue for now until it’s fixed. Or keep opening help threads with nominal info and complain no one can help.