Okular annotation toolbar showing the wrong icons

I’ve just loaded up Okular after a couple of weeks (after an update to Okulat 1.11) and now Okular isn’t showing the annotation toolbar correctly, for example the highlighter tool is under a “strikethough” icon:

The icons in 1.10 used to look something like:

I’ve tried moving ~/.config/okular* files but that didn’t help (other than resetting e.g. toolbar positions).

I’ve done a quick web search for “okular annotation toolbar wrong icons” but that gives me pages talking about how to use the tools (which isn’t useful in this case…).

I don’t normally use KDE applications so pointers would be welcome. :slight_smile:

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  1. Try with KDE’s Breeze icon theme (a lot of KDE programs have some Breeze-centric icons in mind, especially something like Kdenlive)

  2. If it still behave same - please report it must be bug :bug: :woozy_face:

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It looks like this bug:




I found the “old” annotation bar is now hidden under “Quick annotations”, so at least that’s a little easier to find. The toolbar actions for the annotation toolbar just seem wrong, but can be fixed by editing the menu items manually. That seems like a bit of a faff, though.

Yeah…That’s why although i use KDE i reeeeeaally want to go full suckless :sweat_smile:
Too many bugs…

But i’m not sure what to decide about document readers though.
I kinda liked Gnome one when was on Deepin…

It was very simple, but maybe not as functional (to me i only read anyway)

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