Ok, so now I get why an update notifier is not that important for Arch and EndeavourOS

Cripes, the updates come so frequently, you might as well just run yay every time you log in. Coming from Debian and Ubuntu (and even Manjaro to be honest), this took a little getting used to.


Yes, just run updates on a schedule you are comfortable with.

There will always be updates.

I update roughly weekly but I don’t worry about it overly. That being said, I would strongly recommend updating at least once per month


Every milisecond! :sweat_smile:


If you want an “enforced” delay then there is an option: Current, Daily, Weekly, Deferred mirror setup

However, it’s not really needed given you can just avoid an Syu and just use S instead.


Eos update is literally the only package I’ve never installed outside of a test setup. No offense to the team, but imo it’s useless. It’s like asking if there’s oxygen in the air? If you can breathe and can ask the question, the answer is yes.


Yeah, any update notifier is quite useless on Arch. Unless you’ve just updated, new updates are available, always.

There is one peculiar case where one would want to check for updates, but not update, and that is when using old Nvidia drivers from the AUR. In that case, an update to the kernel could make the computer unbootable, unless the driver in the AUR is updated, too. In that case, running the checkupdates script is useful, because it does not refresh the local package database. Still, that doesn’t make a scheduled update notifier any useful, as you can just run checkupdates manually.


Every day/every time I start my EOS machine I just open the terminal and type in


followed by my top sekrit 4-letter password, which ain’t


… and let the magic happen. This is gonna update all your pacman and AUR in one swift go. With a reasonable interwebz konnekshun it usually takes all of 10 - 20 seconds.

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And this is why I like to keep the LTS kernel available as a boot option…

i got notifications on every package update for all archrepos also. :sunglasses:
And we do configure the EndeavourOS to only notify per default… and you can configure it to do what every you like to have it or disable it.

I like to get informed about updates for some more reasons, and every use-case is different.

Notification itself is something useful in most cases and it does not force you to do the updates.
P.e. you have an issue with an application (can be little) and it gets solved by an update you will get a notification on that is helpful.

Not complaining mind you, just new to Arch based systems other than Manjaro and surprised by how frequently updates are available. I should look closer at your widget and see if it can be configured for security updates only. For Arch, that might be more useful.

I do not think that there is such thing on arch-based :wink: a partly updating is not supported on rolling release systems. What is recommended is to simply set the update schedule to do it once a week when you have some time to read the news on possible issues, and every time before installing new packages.


What about this then?

That will show you if your system are missing any security updates but you still need to update the entire system.


Right, that’s what I’d like to configure eos-update notifier to do. I assume there will almost always be updates available. So, given that, I’d just like the eos-update notifier to tell me if any of those updates are security related.

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I think we misunderstood what you were requesting. :sweat_smile:

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Slightly tangentially, security notifications are sent out via the arch-security mailing list and on the Advisory page (which also has an RSS/Atom feed).

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