Odd issue when closing VLC logs out of plasma

IDK if it’s it’s actually plasma or not, but not long ago I remember closing a program, and it logged me out of the desktop, I blew it off at the time thinking I hit a close button on an underlying window by mistake and didn’t really pay it no mind, but thinking back, I don’t think I I could have hit a logout button in the middle of the screen.

Just now, I closed VLC and it logged me out…rather fast I might add.
Things I had running at the time
was samba’d into same machine as krdc
as well as random dolphin directories, a couple of which were a usb external drive
I have no screensaver, but on of my monitors does rotate images

It was really odd behavior and was curious if anyone else has experienced a similar issue but I didn’t find anything with any searches I’ve done so thought I’d ask.

With VLC i haven’t seen that, but maybe it’s some qt stuff…

Once i’ve seen similar on Linux Deepin when you pressed some button in System monitor program, and whole system got frozen because of fatal error in their C++ code, only way to get out of that was to reboot :upside_down_face:

Try to see journal, if there are some coredumps / errors related to qt perhaps?

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Btw, it’s a good idea to add z option for inxi command in wiki:

Adds security filters for IP/MAC addresses, serial numbers, location (-w), user home directory name.

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done it

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