Odd flatpak graphics on wayland

So running KDE, and recently started using wayland since i switched to AMD

All was well until i noticed odd blurriness with some flatpaks. So far i have noticed this with gzdoom, bottles and flatseal. The current workaround is to use flatseal to force all problematic flatpaks to use X11. Below is an example of using flatseal to fix flatseal:

After forcing X11:

Any way i can fix it so i don’t have to do this? i tried googling, but googling these days is just bad, i can’t find answers

Hey I also had this problem, the solution is over here:

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ah great, but jw, have you had any issues by using gtk based portal instead of the KDE one?

When I was using KDE I didn’t experience any problems on my end. However I have swapped to Hyprland, so If you do experience major problems you may have to swap back to the KDE portal and force GTK apps to use x11.

You just need to install “xdg-desktop-portal-gtk” alongside “xdg-desktop-portal-kde”, you don’t need to replace anything. The deskop portal will take care of using the correct provider for KDE/QT or GTK applications automatically

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okay great, thanks everyone, i did it, nothing blew up and now i have correct graphics in flatpak without having to force X11. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Oh really? I’ll keep that in mind when I return to plasma, thank you so much for that info.

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