NZXT H1 Case Recall

I do not know how many here build their own systems. However I thought that this information may be useful for some. If you are using an NZXT H1 series case, contact NZXT. They are recalling the case because of a risk of the PCIExpress riser card catching fire. This happens because one of the mounting screws can cut into the 12v plane of the riser card causing a short.

Information on how this issue was found and tested.


Thanks for the info! Glad to hear they’re trying to mitigate the problem. Nice cases, usually…

Jesus…That’s hardcore defect for a case of all places. :exploding_head:
I still remember times when companies actually tested the product :laughing:

Hopefully everyone! :partying_face:

I followed the whole debacle on Steve’s channel…
Glad they decided to do the right thing…eventually


Agreed. That being said, Gamers Nexus is a YouTube channel that I watch quite often. I trust them to be honest. They have earned that trust over the years.